3 Pyjama-Like Outfits for Exam Week

If you’re anything like me, exam week tends to also mean it’s Wear Your Pyjamas to School Week. With no time to do laundry and no patience for uncomfortable clothes, exam time is all about comfort and making the most of the clothes you woke up in. Here are three outfits that require minimal effort in the morning but are still socially acceptable to wear out in public.

1. Literally just pyjamas

The simplest approach to exam week fashion is to just wear the same clothes to bed and to class. Are these comfy to sleep in? Yes. Are they real clothes you can leave the house in? Technically, yes. Add a blanket scarf and it’s like you never left your bed.

2. Sporty

Studying is like doing sports with your brain, so dress appropriately! Comfort is key here, and sports clothes are so comfortable, even if they are wrapped around a nerd who’s never been to an actual gym (that would be me).

3. “I made an effort”

If you can’t look like you just rolled out bed but still want to feel like it, slip dresses are your friend. It’s essentially a nightdress, and the fact that you can now wear them as an actual item of clothing is one of the few good things to happen in 2016. Slip dresses are also very versatile, because you can wear one on its own for a party look or layered under a jumper for a more casual, daytime-appropriate look.