3 Nature-Related Destinations to Visit in Helsinki This Autumn

Autumn is a busy time for a student, and sometimes spending some time admiring the nature is all you need to get your mind off all the responsibilities. Here are three nature-related destinations in our very own Helsinki that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for nature, whether you want to enjoy it in crisp autumn air, relax indoors in the middle of it or learn about it in a museum.

Central Park

Photo: Death to Stock Photo

Central Park (Keskuspuisto) is Helsinki’s biggest park, stretching 10 kilometers north starting from Töölönlahti Bay. It is a great destination if you crave some quality time in the nature as the park has over 100 kilometers of trails to explore. There are cafes here and there in the middle of the forest, and you can even end up on a large pet cemetery that has been in Central Park since 1947.

Winter Garden

Photo: Death to Stock Photo

In case the weather is gloomy, visit Helsinki’s Winter Garden, the big, beautiful glasshouse right next to Töölönlahti Bay. You can wander around its three large rooms filled with exotic plants and enjoy the evergreen atmosphere. There are even cute picnic tables in the middle of all the greenery, so you can bring your own snacks and pretend it is a warm summer day for a while. The Winter Garden is open every day except for Mondays, and what's best, admission is completely free of charge.

Finnish Museum of Natural History

Photo: LUOMUS/Emilia Kurila

Finnish Museum of Natural History in Töölö is a fascinating place to spend a few hours in. At the exhibitions you can learn about Finnish nature, the nature around whole world, evolution, skeletons and global warming. The museum is open every day except for Monday and the admission fee is 8 euros for students.

What are your favourite nature-related places in Helsinki?