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3 Incredible Christmas Movies on Netflix You Must Watch

‘Tis the season to crab some popcorn, put on your Christmas pyjamas and get comfy since Netflix is FULL of amazingly romantic (and of course, less romantic) Christmas movies. Here are three must watch Christmas movies that will help to cope with your anticipation for the Christmas eve. 

1. Love Hard

In this somewhat problematic yet very romantic Christmas movie, we get to witness how You’ve Got Mail meets Catfish and The Holiday. Starring Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang, the movie tells a story of Natalie Bauer, a columnist who documents her disastrous dates set up via dating app. One day, she meets Josh, a perfect match with whom she finds a real connection. She decides to surprise him and travels to his hometown for Christmas. What happens next, you need to find out by watching the film.

2. Single All the Way

Don’t we just love the fact that we’re finally finding romantic LGBTQ+ Christmas movies on Netflix? Even though we do hate the stereotypes on the film, the connection between certain two people is out of this world. Peter asks his best friend to pose as his boyfriend during a Christmas visit to his family and well, you can guess all the rest. Even though we’re talking about a foreseen ending, the plot twists are unavoidable and get one to fear the worst.

3. The Holiday Calendar

A talented photographer (Kat Graham) inherits an antique Advent calendar which used to belong to their beloved grandmother. Pure magic or plain coincidence, the calendar seems to predict the future and – most importantly – to point the direction to true love. Who could say no to some romance and a happy ending?

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