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3 Free Museums to Visit in London

Many museums in London are free, making them the perfect destination for a rainy day, or travelling on a restricted budget. These are our picks:

British Museum

Until time-travel is invented, the best way to delve right into the past is to walk around the British Museum — from Egyptian mummies to Greek statues, straight from the Parthenon in Athens!

Victoria & Albert museum

The V&A museum is home to all things art and design. Marvel at the impressive sculptures, or have a close look at the intricate details of the textile and theater costume collections; thousands of years of human creativity are housed inside this museum, which carries the name of one of Britain’s longest reigning monarchs and her beloved husband.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is known for boasting incredible exhibits on dinosaurs and a very large blue whale skeleton, but that’s not all the museum has to offer — take a journey through our planet’s evolution through a wide range of exhibitions on fossils, mammals, or reptiles.


All of these museums are in Central London, and the distance between them is walkable or just a short Tube ride away. Be sure to set some time aside for each visit, though — as is common in big cities, it’s easy to spend hours in any one of these museums without really even realizing! As a plus, not only are the collections really interesting, but the architecture of these three buildings is also really special.

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