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Valentine’s Day Blues: Single or Not, They Can Get to All of Us

Valentine’s Day is next week and it is one of the most celebrated events for boyfriends, girlfriends, and anyone with someone to love. I am so grateful that I get to count myself among the lucky few who have found their forever Valentine.

Unfortunately, my SO is barely around due to the fact that he is constantly working. Hate his job, but I love him so what can I do? Valentine’s Day is coming up and chances are, I’m spending this Valentine’s Day alone.

Single or not single, Valentine’s Day is a day a love. You don’t need to have a SO to celebrate it. Love is love. Show love to family, friends, pets, or even yourself. Given, it would be better to spend the day with the person I am in love with and would jump his bones the second I saw him, but I’m going to have to make due with what I got. To prevent those Valentine’s Day Blues, I have devised a list a ideas to keep me in the semi-holiday spirit.

First thing (and one of the greatest cures of any blues), movies. I’m a movie fanatic and if you read my other articles, that’s pretty evident. Anyway, ladies, if you don’t already know 50 Shades Freed is coming out, it will be a must see. Hot, erotic, riches, drama, love; what more could a woman ask for? Go alone or with your ride-or-die pals. Either way, I hands down recommend the steamy movie. After reading the books and seeing the first two movies, I’d say I’ll definitely be seeing me at Ward that night. Other movies I’d recommend are Mama Mia, anything Nicholas Sparks, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, La La Land, any basic Rom-Com really. Have a movie night or go out and treat yourself to something in theaters. The point is, movies are always a great way to get you out of any funky feelings.

Second, give yourself the day to have a mental break. Go meditate, explore yourself, workout, go for a hike, spend the day at the beach. Give yourself some me-time, you deserve it. Turn of your phone, pick up a book, get some coffee, take a bubble bath, do anything that makes you feel at peace. Reflect on who you are and who you want to be, organize your life, give yourself the day to take a step back and love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone to love you? Loving yourself is more important than trying to find someone to love you anyway. So to whoever is reading this, don’t forget to give yourself some love too.

Third option, spend the day with friends and family. Get some heart shaped pizza and brownies, or go out to dinner, have a wine night with rosè (hello, Galentine's Day!), or even brunch if you’re a morning person. Spend it with your mother, father, sisters, brothers, besties, babies, anyone or anything that makes you feel loved. Just surround yourself with people who love you and then love with definitely be apart of your Valentine’s Day.

Lastly, go for broke. Girl, you do you. Treat yourself to the baddest Valentine’s Day ever. Get wasted, have sex with the hottest guy you find, dance your ass off at the hottest club, buy yourself some lingerie that even turns you on. Or if you want something a little sweeter, eat a tub of ice cream, buy yourself the biggest teddy bear, get yourself your own box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers. Regret it later, or maybe you won’t; do what makes you feel confident and sexy. Not too trashy though, stay classy, ladies.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful, gorgeous, hot women! You are all loved! Love yourself, love others, and don’t let those Valentine’s Day Blues get you.

Alaia is an English Major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is a Senior and has been attending UHM for a year and a half. Her hobbies include, writing, reading, hiking, going to the beach, watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with good company.
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