Tom Felton was in Hawaii and it made me lose my sh*t

Below I share with you a sad episode from my life that I don't wish on my worst enemy.

It all started when I got this text from my best friend Gaby on the 8th of March.

If you need a refresher-yes, we are talking about the heartthrob from Harry Potter, the first bad boy to steal our hearts.

Naturally I texted my Harry Potter obsessed friend Kylie, who I know spends time on Harry Potter blogs on a regular basis. Maybe she would know something about this claim? 

Looks like I  was the first to break the news. Of course we stopped what we were doing (who care's about school when your future husband is on the island). We started doing important math problems-the kind that calculated our chances of meeting him, and we put our FBI stalking skills to use. 

There was more panic and all capitalized texts when we found this photo.


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We couldn't do anything but freak out. Do you blame us? Lulu's is only 2.9 miles away ( I checked).

We found more photos....turns out he's been here for a few days.

Signs are pointing that he might have also been on Big Island...but WTF. How did we miss this? WHAT IS YOUR NEXT MOVE???

After two hours, a cup of tea and a good cry we decided to stop obsessing and stalking the trail of the blonde hunk. Tommy boy...will you ever be around our campus? plz???? Moral of the story, always go to Lulu's on Mondays.