Things All Stem Majors Can Relate To

Let’s be honest, any major in STEM can be pretty challenging. Your semester is probably filled with long hours studying for concept heavy courses. STEM is a field with endless possibilities, and being a biology major myself, I definitely have newfound respect for anyone in a scientific career. Especially in an area of study once dominated by men, it's truly inspiring to see an increase in women entering the scientific field. When it gets tough, though, sometimes it helps to know there are others going through the same thing. Don't forget, we're all in this together!

  1. 1. Hours and hours in the lab

    Most STEM majors require a lot of lab time. The hours often seem to inch by at a snail's pace, with some labs lasting up to five hours! For so little credit, the post-lab write ups always seem to take just as long as the lab itself. What’s up with that?

  2. 2. The dreaded organic chemistry 

    Organic chemistry is definitely one of the most dreaded courses for any STEM major. I’m currently taking my first semester of ochem, and while it’s not quite as bad as everyone says it is, trying to learn all the different reactions can be headache inducing at times. The key is to stay focused and stay ahead! However, I’ll be pretty happy when I finish my last semester of ochem once and for all.

    Woman looking into microscope
  3. 3. Internships, class, jobs, and…free time?

    Between studying, going to class, possibly having a job, and interning throughout the year or during summer break, life can get pretty overwhelming. It's especially hard when all your friends are going out and you have to say, "Sorry, I've got to study". Experience is so important to build a good resume, but balance is key!

  4. 4. Getting excited for the future

    We’re STEM majors for a reason, right? Whether you plan on being a doctor, biologist, chemist, or physicist, there’s only one way to get there: hard work and perseverance. Sometimes it may seem impossible, but just remember why you started on this path in the first place. The best is yet to come, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

The field of STEM field may be vast, but it's hardly an easy area of study. Even if you sometimes feel like giving up, remind yourself of the end goal and push on. The reward of achieving a career in your dream job will be that much sweeter.