Six Simple Dating Tips for Women in College

Purse Prepper

A first date is not the best setting for a small clutch or a handheld wallet. While a lot can go so-right on a first date, a lot can go wrong, too. Like a girl scout, it’s best to be prepared. A few must haves for your purse are:

  • Cash to hail a cab or an Uber/Lyft account: If you find yourself in a situation where you need to get home on your own, you are prepared to do so.
  • ID or License: Some places card, even for 18. Also, if the worst happens, your ID allows someone to be contacted.
  • Baby wipes: A small travel-size comes in so-so-so handy. Multi-use. But honestly, you’ll ask how you did without.
  • Dental dam/condoms: Don’t rely on your date to bring protection. Not saying you’re necessarily going to sleep with them on date number one, but it’s better to have an umbrella on a sunny day than to not have one when things get wet.

Netflix and Kill

A first date is no place for Netflix and chill. Especially if you barely know them. You’re either in their private personal space, or they’re in yours. Remember this activity carries a meme-heavy expectation of sex. If that’s what you’re looking for, cool; though I would still advise away from making this a first date event. You wouldn’t want to end up on an episode of a real-life murder profile show, which ironically aired on Netflix.

Just make the first date a public place. I don’t mean to come off like a fear-monger, but seriously, some of us aren’t super lucky and would end up on Netflix and Kill.

Real Life is Not a Rom-Com

If your date shows up with a carriage, twelve-dozen roses, and sporting a white tuxedo, it is not indicative of them being secret royalty here to sweep you away. Chances are their fiscal splurge is due to poor money management in an attempt to impress you, as opposed to them being in line for a throne somewhere. If your date has clearly googled you into double-digit page search, this is not romantic obsession. It is just plain old regular vanilla obsession. You might want to consider changing some privacy settings when you get home. If your date pushes themselves onto you because they can’t help themselves around you, they are not passion driven and romantic. They are just plain horny, and if they’re behaving this way on a first date when you’re clearly not into it, it’s time to release them back into the wild.

Not a Night for Firsts

A first date is not the night to try that new untested hair style you’ve been meaning to try, or a new powerful face mask, or to try high-waisted jeans for the first time, ever. You don’t want to be on a date and unable to maintain focus beyond how you feel your bangs are dumb, your face is itchy, and your new jeans make you look like you have the muffin-top of a Midwestern housewife.

Dress confident, sexy, and comfortable. Your date destination will dictate the main theme of your outfit, but whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable. Being comfortable allows you to be yourself, and that’s who your date wants to get to know.

Better Off Alone

Most of us have been there. The date is going ok; not great, not thrilling, but ok. The sparks just aren’t flying and you feel more excited to get home than to see what happens next. If things were going well, the two of you would have very little sunlight between the two of you. (If things are good, go for the O. I’m not here to slut-shame.) However, this is not a good date. But, then it happens: your vagina casts a vote. Not for your date exactly, but rather against you going home alone.

You need to pull rank on her, go home, and show her who’s boss. You’re a grown woman, you can take care of your own needs. Don’t let your vagina lead you into a bad sexual experience that does nothing but confuse the situation with your bad date. It’s better to end the date politely and friendly without leading them on. A couple of batteries can save you the heartache of muddled post-sex fallout.

No Saved Favorites

Never ever take a date to one of your favorite restaurants. What if it goes badly? Now you can’t get your favorite froyo anymore. Take them someplace you like but can certainly live without. You don’t need to facilitate a stalker situation. Another thing, say you go on a lot of first dates, you certainly don’t need the lady behind the counter at your favorite ramen shop start calling you revolving door. While I don’t judge, the sweet lady who runs your favorite coffee shop certainly does.

Stay safe, stay smart, and good hunting out there. <3