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Say Hello to Beautiful and Spontaneous Monica Dy

Name: Monica Dy 
Age: 21
Major: Psychology and Occupational Therapy
Hometown: San Francisco, Calif. 
Nationality: Filipino and Chinese 
Relationship Status: Single 
This week’s campus cutie is Monica Dy. Originally from the Bay Area, this sneaker head has big plans for her future in therapy. She loves spontaneity and is constantly keeping busy. If you ever see her at Footlocker let her help you find the best kicks for you. 
What do you want to do when you finish college? 
Probably a mix of working in a hospital and travel.
Where do you want to travel?
I wanna go see Europe, Japan and New Zealand. 
What is your goal in life? 
To have a PHD in occupational therapy and a happy family! 
What is your favorite thing to do? 
My top three favorite things to do are eating, shopping and spontaneous adventures. 
What was your most meorable spontaneous adventure? 
That’s a hard one, but the one I remember at the moment is going for a night swim with my girls at Waikiki and watching the fireworks going off at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
What do you do in your free time? 
Go to the beach, watch tv or movies, read books, and grab coffee. 
What is your biggest turn off? 
Someone hella cocky.
What do you look for in a guy? 
Physically I’d say someone taller than me, nice body, and good looking.
Personality I’d say someone with a humble ambition, spontaneous, kind and passionate. 
Final crazy question, if you could be a show what shoe would you be and why?
For a heel I’d be a platform pump because I feel like it embodies a lot of confidence, sophistication and style, and for a sneaker I’d be the Jordan 11 because it’s a classic and all time fave of mine!
Sydney Paderna Born from Oakland,CA Currently 21 years old and proud student of UH Manoa Studying Sports Psychology but fashion is my passion! Instagram: ix33sydney Tumblr: ix33sydney
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