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OK, so lets get personal. Everyone hates their period- the cramps, mood swings, cravings, break outs, and ultimately the inconvenience of blood. Women who choose to use tampons for their cycles will go through an average of 11,000- 16,000 in their lifetime.

I am one of the oh so lucky ones to have a heavier period which is not ever a fun thing to experience. For the past year, every time I’ve gotten my period I become so nauseous wearing a tampon.

At first I thought “oh just another great thing to have to deal with during my time of the month!” but then a friend informed me she went through the same thing. She said “have you stopped to think maybe it’s not your natural cycle but what you are putting into your body?” She explained how she uses organic cotton tampons and all the sudden her nausea went away.

Organic tampons?!? What do you mean? Aren’t all tampons the same?? Boy was I wrong!!

After doing in depth research, I educated myself on the tampons I’ve been using since the beginning of womanhood. Although I never used scented tampons knowing that is for sure not good for my lady part, I had no idea the process of making tampons included BLEACHING the material!!

Obviously, we all know bleach is not good to consume and it is an extremely dangerous chemical. According to MD, Michael Fitch, the vagina is a thin mucus membrane which absorbs toxins more easily than outer skin. SO think about the chemicals from the bleaching process being soaked up into your body- that’s not ideal for anyone.


Some benefits of using organic tampons include:

  • More sustainable for the earth since they’re biodegradable

  • May lower the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome

  • Contain no harmful chemicals/ toxins  

  • Overall safer for you body


There are many brands of organic menstrual supplies, my favorite is L. They are made of 100% cotton, BPA free plastic applicator, and no synthetic pesticides. Not only do they sell tampons, they sell liners and pads too. Not to mention, their packaging is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

Another incredible thing about this company is every feminine care product you purchase, they donate the same amount to women around the world in developing countries in need. To learn more about L. here is the link to their website: https://thisisl.com/pages/our-movement You are able to either order a monthly package through their website or retailers such as Target sells their products.

So get out there and treat yo feminine health like it deserves to be treated!!

Edna is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is majoring in Travel Industry Management with an emphasis in Hospitality management. She aspires to be an event planner specializing in weddings. She loves dogs, the sunshine, exploring the island, and trying all kinds of new foods.
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