Not All Heroes Wear Capes, But Some Do Wear Green

Ahh, bite squad. The most wonderful, new thing to grace this island since Uber and Lyft dragged us off the street. If you have never tried Bite Squad, I highly recommend you do. This app has hundreds of restaurants located all over the island and then (wait for it), sends a Luigi dressed-human to pick it up for you and then delivers it right to your door!

Basically, the ultimate take out system, Bite Squad allows you to get take out from practically anywhere without the hassle of having to go pick it up. On this island, previous to the setup of this glorious system delivery was a rarity from restaurants. Now you can have food delivered to you from any restaurant, at any time, to any place. Now if thats not magical I don't know what is.

Bite Squad does charge a small fee to deliver your food, but it is basically the same amount of money you'd spend on the gas it takes you to get to the restaurant in the first place (and don’t even get me started on parking fees!). Also, let's be honest: in our college world, we don't all have cars or mopeds to get to places. We also study at all hours of the night and sometimes just need someone to make the night better by delivering late night cravings without any judgment.

Bite Squad is like the perfect boyfriend: it brings you food whenever you want, without any questions, and then leaves and lets you eat in peace. But don’t worry, if you need anything else they are just one tap away!