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HCHI took the liberty of giving you an inside look of the new H&M that opened in Waikiki on Kalakua Avenue:

The new massive H&M store has two floors, one floor dedicated to women and the other decdicated to men. THIS MONTH, H&M has been gracious enough to give a 15% off STUDENT DISCOUNT with valid student ID. All you have to do is show your ID at the register and the cashier will enter the discount. 

The first look when you enter the store

The other half from the front of the store

Accessories Section

Denim Section

Intimates Section and Fitting Rooms

Stairs to the Men’s Section

Men’s Business/Preppy Section

Other half of the Men’s Section.

   Overall, this huge H&M has a lot to offer with a lot of choices. The store itself was semi busy, but not too hectic where the lines were long and the sales associates were too busy to help you. Everyone was very friendly and willing to help find anything in particular. The fitting rooms on the first floor are busier than the ones on the second floor. We suggest going to the second floor since it is less crowded and you don’t have to wait that long to try on clothes!

   Only seven clothing items are alound at a time, but the sales associate will put your other clothes off to the side and you can come back to swap for your other clothes if you have more than seven items. The clearance items are not all dedicated to one rack, so look out for tags that have red stickers that have the new discounted price on them!

The store has an infinite amount of options to choose from! Not all sections are dedicated to certain types of clothes so make sure to look at all parts of the store. Try on everything, look closely, and enjoy the new H&M store in Waikiki! 

Sydney Paderna Born from Oakland,CA Currently 21 years old and proud student of UH Manoa Studying Sports Psychology but fashion is my passion! Instagram: ix33sydney Tumblr: ix33sydney
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