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My FIRST Kitten: First Impressions of a Brand New Cat Mom

Up until about a week ago, I had never owned a pet. Not that I never wanted one, I just never had the opportunity. The people who raised me did NOT like pets. And after that, I never had pet-friendly landlords, so as much as my heart burned for a fuzzy companion, I could never have one of my own.

All that changed recently, so after years of pet-envy, I finally got to adopt a kitten. Her name is Lunchbox and she is the FUZZIEST lady I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She looks like she belongs on one of those cat calendars, seriously. Every time I look at her I still die of cuteness. Even so, it is totally weird getting used to living with a little puffball for the first time. Here are my first impressions as someone who as never had a cat before.

The crazy-cat lady trope TOTALLY makes sense now.

I was already an eccentric recluse, so becoming a cat fanatic was probably just par for the course for me. Quite predictably, having a cat has already consumed my whole personality. She is all I want to talk about, all the time. I am pretty sure she and I are already best friends, even though we just met. She gets me. We have great conversations. In fact, with her help I have transcended the need for human companionship, which is totally a plus because I never got along with people much, anyway.


I am now responsible for a whole animal other than myself. Gone are the days where I could waste away in bed all morning. Now I have to get up and feed my cat, or else she will eat my toes for breakfast. I have to brush her hair every day, make her meals, even wipe her boogers. All the extra responsibility might sound like a bad thing, but I actually really enjoy having structure like that in my life. Caring for my cat makes me feel worth something, and gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Plus it helps me remember to take care of my own needs, something I struggle to do because of depression. Even though she is just a plain old cat, not a trained service animal, it is so helpful to have her around when I’m anxious or sad or lonely. I would definitely recommend a pet to anyone who struggles with those feelings.


My kitten is a harbinger of chaos, a notorious biter of toes, and she has the worst wet food breath, but I could not possibly love her more than I already do. I am SO glad that I get to be her person, and I am looking forward to many happy years to come.

Hi there! My name is Scarlett and I am an Environmental Design (Architecture) major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I spend most of my time cozy at home reading novels, knitting, oil painting, and/or spending way too much time online.
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