Movies to Watch When You're Caught in the Feels

Are you feeling lonely? Is your man out of town? On your period? Feeling emotional and not sure how to deal with it? Well, if you’re caught in the feels, these movies will be perfect for you!


Do you just want to ball your eyes out, but need something to help with that? I recommend these movies:

  1. My Girl

  2. Titanic

  3. Moulin Rouge

  4. A Walk to Remember

  5. Marley & Me

Let it out ladies, everyone needs a good cry every once in awhile.


Say no more…

  1. 50 Shades of Gray (ALL OF THEM)

  2. Fatal Attraction

  3. Don Jon

  4. Girl’s Trip

  5. Atomic Blonde

Women have needs too (;


Sometimes, you just need a glass of wine, your pjs, and your girls (or alone if you prefer) to enter a world full of the adventures of love.

  1. Pride & Prejudice (2005 with Keira Knightly)

  2. Pretty Woman

  3. The Princess Bride

  4. The Notebook


Who doesn’t love love?

If these movies can’t help you with your emotional needs, Google more! There’s a movie for every occasion! Get your popcorn and candy ready, sit back, and just ride the emotional rollercoaster that all of us girls are familiar with.


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