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Japan’s Princess Mako to Marry Commoner: A Modern Disney Fairytale

Every girl knows the classic fairytale romance: boy meets girl, girl meets boy, and it’s happily ever after from there. Usually we hear about the love lives of the British royal family and how cute the Duchess looked in that Diana-inspired suit set. We seldom hear about other royals around the globe and what their daily drama looks like.

Photo courtesy of Japan Times

Japan’s imperial family is headed by Emperor Akihito, residing in Tokyo, Japan. The eldest daughter of the family, Mako, is ready to renounce her claim to the empress title one day, as well as her titles as both a princess and royalty. Mako is giving up her inherent identity for one thing: true love.

Princess Mako met Kei Komuro when she was in school at Tokyo’s International Christian University. Though she is not next in the line of succession, she could be giving up a potential crown in the future if she is to go through with the marriage. As women are not allowed to rule on their own in Japanese law, a different marriage could potentially open the doorway to the throne for her. In addition, as she is no longer identified as royalty, Mako will be classified as a commoner with different rights and responsibilities. Nevertheless, all of this is irrelevant for Princess Mako.

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News.

When Princess Mako marries the aspiring lawyer, she will leave the imperial household, as well as her title behind. With her official announcement of her engagement going viral, it is bound to be a wedding within the public eye. We cannot wait to see what the princess-to-pauper bride picks out!

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