How to Pretend You're an Adult

As I begin on my last semester of college, and I see my former roommates entering the real world, it dawns on me that soon, I will have to become the infamous grown up. And even though legally I am an adult, if you ask me, I’m far from it. I still ~occasionally~ bring my laundry home to my mom, I eat Lean Cuisines a plenty, I don’t clean my apartment as often as I should, and my parents still give me an allowance. (and for what? breathing?) I regret to admit that the list of un-adult things goes on. And quite frankly, I’m not ready to be an adult either. But alas, soon I will have no choice. So until then, as I transition from lazy college student to a little less lazy graduate, here are just a few tips for pretending (aka tricking others into thinking) you’re an adult.


Skip the leggings.

While every girl loves a good pair of leggings, save them for the gym and lounging around the house. Running errands in real clothes will make it look like you might have your sh*t together, even though we all know you don’t.


Buy adult-y things.

You know, the things that you might not find in every college apartment: coasters, throw pillows, a welcome mat. Or the naturally “adult” purchases, like kitchen stuff: pots and pans, spatulas, good kitchen towels, etc.


Do your laundry.

When you do your laundry (instead of letting it pile up) you’ll at least feel like you did an adult thing.


Cook a meal.

Skip the Lean Cuisine, don’t order a pizza, and make sure to add veggies to whatever you make. When you pick out a recipe, and cook a good, homemade meal, you’ll for sure feel like an adult. Make sure to tell your mom, I’m sure she’ll be proud.



Before we all graduate, the art of budgeting is something we should all master, or at least *try* to figure out. Even putting just $10 of every paycheck into your savings is a step in the right direction!


Buy a bottle of wine.

And if worst comes to worst, just buy a bottle of wine (no, not box wine). You’ll at least feel like an adult because you’re old enough to buy the wine yourself. So basically I’m an adult, right?