How to Have the Best Galentine's Day Ever (As Told by Leslie Knope)

We all know Valentine's Day is coming up on February 14th, but whether you have that special someone or you are celebrating as a party of one this year, you need to get your ladies together and celebrate the ultimate showdown of female friendship known as Galentine's Day on February 13th.  This magnificent holiday is a day for ladies to celebrate ladies and deserves just as much attention as Valentine's Day. So keep reading to find out how to celebrate this holiday as told by the creator herself, Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation!

Everyone bonds over food, especially breakfast, so if you really want to embody the ultimate Galentine Queen herself, you'll want to have waffles.


If your wallet is feeling a little too light for elaborate gifts, make sure you shower all your girls with love and compliments.

Seriously, Leslie knows how to show some love. Take notes.


Galentine's Day is also a great time to cover important topics like our questionable fashion choices.

And our biggest fails when it comes to guys:

But also all the awesome and amazing things that have happened since the last time you all talked:

Other optional topics of conversation include...


And the stupid people in your life:


And if anybody hates on your ultimate holiday celebration of friendship, you can just tell them this:


So this February 13th, get your friends together to celebrate being beautiful and awesome, while also solving all of your life problems! Follow this guide and you know Leslie will approve!