How to Get Over Gym Anxiety

Gym anxiety: you walk into the gym and feel like every girl is dragging her eyes up and down your body, you fear that your lack of understanding on certain equipment will make you look stupid and like it’s pointless going when you’re clearly trying to get yourself healthy, so why is everyone judging?

These feelings are extremely common among girls and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. You think any person in there knew what they were doing when they first started? Hell no. College gyms are filled with girls and guys the same age, who are possibly in your classes and you don’t want to look like you don’t know what you’re doing. All reasonable reasons why one would be nervous to be in the gym, BUT it doesn't have to feel that way. Here are a few of my tips on getting over your gym anxiety.

1. Get the F*ck over it

Sorry guys, but this is the first tip you have to implement within yourself. You’re in the gym for yourself and no one else. There is no one in the gym important enough to feel judged or threatened by; you’re all there doing the same thing, working your asses off. You have to start walking into the gym with the mentality of  “I don't give a f*ck.” I don't give a f*ck about the gym staff that walk around and give dirty looks, the girls who stare at me up and down, or the people who judge my dumbbell weight. I give a f*ck about myself and what I’m about to get done in the gym. Let everything go, let the intimidation go and just be there for yourself.

2. Go Online and Learn

If your anxiety is based on not knowing what the hell to do in the gym, then the internet is your best friend. YouTube has millions of videos on different machines, how to use them and workouts for them. Also, there are hundreds of apps that give free workout plans and guided training for when you’re in the gym. They are incredible for helping you stay on track and really get things done in the gym. You can have your plan on your phone and follow it as you go.

Side tip: if you ever don’t know how to use a machine, there are diagrams on the side that explain how to use it. Don’t EVER feel ashamed of having to read a diagram, you’re taking the time to learn and understand how to do something which is better than I can say for most people.

3. Use Music and Headphones to Block Everyone Out

Without music in the gym, I’m lost. You become so overwhelmed with trying to work as you hear everyone and everything else. Invest in Bluetooth headphones so that you don’t have a cord hanging around your body and don’t have to hold your phone 24/7. Find the right music for you, raise the volume all the way up and get it done. It gives you the perfect outlet to only hear your thoughts and stay focused.


4. Go With a Friend

It’s a lot easier to block everyone else out when you have a partner to work with. Instead of focusing on everything going on around you, you can put all of your focus into motivating one another. Make sure to grab the friend who wants to work out at the gym and not use it as a social hour!

5. You’re a Queen

You’re capable, vibrant, motivated and inspiring. Don’t let the thoughts of anyone stop you from reaching your goals. They’re meaningless and their inability to have respect just shows you who they really are. Don’t take anyone’s sh*t, you’re a queen.