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Christmas Episodes from “The Office” and their Zodiac Signs

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Now that I’ve watched The Office probably twenty times, I feel that I have the proper knowledge and background to match each sun sign with a Christmas episode. I will be matching based on the traits of each sun sign and how I feel it matches best with the particular episode. I hope you enjoy! 

Cancer & Gemini: Christmas Party (Season 2 Episode 10)

In this episode, the office decides to do Secret Santa for the party. The reason I matched Cancer with this particular episode is because many gifts, like Jim’s teapot for Pam and Phyllis’ knitted oven mitts for Michael, were made specifically for the other person. A lot of time and energy went into the creation of the gift and it reflects the generosity and loyalty known from Cancers. 

After Michael sees that his gift was not as expensive as the gift he bought for another office member, he decides to switch the office party plans from secret Santa, to a game of yankee swap, also known as white elephant gift exchange. While Gemini’s are not as spiteful as Michael was, they do enjoy changing things up as they tend to get restless easily. The office members try to embrace the change of plans, which shows the flexibility of many Gemini Suns. 

Libra & Sagittarius: Benihana Christmas (Season 3 Episode 10-11)

In this episode, Michael is recently broken up with one of his employees and so, Andy Bernard decides to take him to lunch to try and cheer him up. When they’re at lunch, Andy orders Michael some drinks and encourages him to rebound with the waitresses at the restaurant. Andy’s optimism and friendliness is what makes me match Sagittarius with this episode. 

While Michael is mending his broken heart at lunch, Pam & Karen are throwing a rival Christmas party against Angela’s. When Pam and Karen notice how sad Angela is at the lack of attendance to her party, they decide to ask Angela for a truce – in the name of nutcracker Christmas. Libras are known for this, as they are peacemakers and they enjoy being sociable. After Pam and Karen made the decision to join their party with Angela’s, the party grew into a much happier and less competitive environment.

Capricorn & Leo: Moroccan Christmas (Season 5 Episode 11)

In this episode, Phyllis gains control of the Party Planning Committee. She decides to shake things up and throw a Moroccan themed party in the office. During her reign, she takes control of the food, decorations, and more importantly Angela. She strives to make sure the party is enjoyable and on theme. This energy reminds me of the Leo sign. Leos are very determined and enjoy making their visions come true. If being in charge is what ensures they get things done, they’re more than willing to be up to the challenge. 

During the party, Dwight is making his ‘green’ as he sells the most popular doll toy to parents that are willing to pay anything in order to give one to their child as a gift for Christmas. Another office member, Toby, is about to purchase one from Dwight for his daughter when a warehouse worker named Darryl buys the last one. Darryl finally gives in to Toby’s begging and agrees to sell the doll for $400. Capricorns are known for being very resourceful and realistic. They will achieve success at every opportunity – even if it means selling dolls for $400.

Virgo & Taurus: Secret Santa (Season 6 Episode 13)

In this episode, Phyllis is excited to be the office’s Santa Claus at the party. Michael is very upset to see that his role has been taken away from him this year, and has a very sour attitude. Despite Michael’s tantrums, everyone tries to enjoy themselves as best as they can,and Phyllis remains grateful that everyone prefers she be Santa. I feel that Phyllis’ calm demeanor and reliability is what really made the office party remain a positive experience throughout Michael’s poor behavior.

Further into the episode, Michael finds out that the company is at risk for shutting down. When his anger leaves the room, it turns more into a sad aura that leads him to spill the beans about the situation. While everyone starts panicking and loses focus on the party, Jim and Dwight do their best to try and cheer people up with the Holiday Spirit. Keeping busy to feel better is true Virgo behavior. Along with being highly knowledgeable as Jim and Dwight reason with the office that there are many ways they could all keep their jobs despite the uncertainty of the company. 

Scorpio & Aries: Classy Christmas (Season 7 Episode 11-12)

In this episode, Michael finds out that the love of his life, Holly Flax, is making her way back to the office as Toby’s replacement during his leave of absence. The party that Pam has planned is no longer deemed good enough as Michael realizes that Holly will be there. He decides to have a classy Christmas and makes the office look fancy to impress Holly. Michael’s energy and forward thinking reminds me of the Aries sun sign. His determination was unmatched and he was willing to do whatever it took to get his soulmate back. 

At the beginning of the episode, Jim throws a snowball at Dwight. Dwight decides to challenge Jim to a real snowball fight at the first “true” snowfall. Dwight gets extremely strategic and traps Jim outside and ambushes him with dozens of snowballs to the face and body. His perseverance goes further as he continues to torment Jim with snowballs throughout the entire party. This screams Scorpio!

Pisces: Christmas Wishes (Season 8 Episode 10)

In this episode, Andy tries to make sure that everyone’s Christmas wishes are fulfilled. One of the wishes, for example, is Meredith wanted a ride home so she could get wasted at the Christmas party. Before everyone goes home, and Andy give Meredith a ride, Andy gets worried about Erin when she gets extremely drunk and takes a ride home from the creepy CEO, Robert California. Andy follows Erin home to make sure she is okay before dropping off drunk Meredith. Andy was extremely compassionate to all of his employees, especially Erin, and was very creative with his gift to his staff by making their wishes come true. True Pisces energy if you ask me. 

Aquarius: Dwight Christmas (Season 9 Episode 9)

In this episode, everyone realizes that the Party Planning Committee dropped the ball and forgot to plan the Christmas party. Dwight offers his idea to celebrate the traditionally Schrute German Christmas for the party theme. Pam convinces everyone that it is a great idea to make Jim happy. 

When Jim leaves in the middle of the odd traditions, Dwight decides to cancel the party. Everyone scraps together a normal Christmas party with food and drinks where Darryl gets drunk and angry at Jim. When Jim decides to come back for the rest of the party, Darryl confronts Jim. Between the unique Christmas party, the blunt behavior from Darryl, and the witty connection between other characters throughout the episode, I have no choice but to match this episode with Aquarius.

It’s kind of depressing looking at how much I was able to write about all of these episodes from memory, but I hope that you enjoyed reading this and maybe you’ll consider watching the episode that was matched with your sign. Happy Holidays!

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