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Campus Celebrity: Todd Cooper of Wake Up Now

   At first glance, junior, Todd Cooper seems like the stereotypical surfer dude with little ambition. But once you get to converse with the Oregon native, you’ll notice an undeniable spark of passion.

   Cooper is an entrepreneur with a gift for selling and building a stable team. You may recognize him as a representative for Vemma, a nutrition company. While Cooper remains active promoting the company’s product, there is a new business he wants everyone to know about: Wake Up Now.

   Wake Up Now utilizes a web-based program called The HUB to help buyers lead a more efficient lifestyle. “The HUB is a platform available to all users,” Cooper says. “Your customers can customize by purchasing additional features in order to get exactly what they want.” The HUB provides many deals on groceries, travel, health, food, beauty, and fashion.

   So far, Cooper has a solid team with him. His friends Christopher Erazo and Wiggy Torres contribute in Hawaii, while he has friends in Oregon helping do their part, as well.

   The only way Cooper and his team advertise Wake Up Now is through word of mouth. He doesn’t pay a cent, which is pretty impressive when you realize at least 2% of the student body is aware of WUN. His passion for what he does is what sets him apart from his peers and is what gets the news around campus.

   He says, “My approach is to simply share something with my friends that I’m excited about and show them how it has changed my life and how I think it can change theirs.”

   WUN offers plenty of benefits for those jumping on board. Cooper explains that every member has the opportunity to reach 13 different levels with each providing a different pay rate. At level 6, a team member is making $8000/mo. In order to get here, you simply have to recruit three members and make sure they recruit three more. The more people you recruit, the better.

   As an independent business owner, his main goal is to help his team by making sure they are invested. If his team fails, he fails and vice versa.

   Although Cooper has only been a part of WUN for two months, he represents the brand as if he started the company. If you’re interested in joining his team, he can be contacted at 503-440-6435 or on his website, toddcooper.wakeupnow.com.


Sammi Baum is a 21 year old journalist working to inspire the masses with her words. Baum is Taiwanese-German, a journalism major with an emphasis in English and Italian, a curvy women advocate, a gamer girl, and a low-key fashionista. Currently, she is a junior at the University of Hawaii.
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