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Campus Celeb: Ying Wai Chui

Recognize this hunk? Ying is in the UH Band! Next time you see him say hi, and we guarantee he will greet you with a smile.

Name: Ying Wai Chui

Major: Aeronautical Maintenance Technician (I fix planes haha)

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii baby

Spirit Animal: Kangaroo, cause they’re badass
How long have you been playing musical instruments?
I’ve been playing since I was a wee laddy in the seventh grade band.  Playing the tuba for 8 years now!  Once i started high school, I learned how to a whole bunch of instruments like the trombone, the saxophone, bass guitar, guitar, and ukulele.  My favorite is the guitar though :)
What has being in the band taught you?
For some reason I thought musicians were born talented, but I’ve learned that anyone can be a rock star.  You just gotta have the heart and the will to be amazing.  Pick something, learn some songs you like, practice properly, and you’ll make the ladies(or gents) melt like buttah!
What is your favorite part about it? 
My favorite part has to be the huge diversity of friends that you get to make.  I’ve met military people, engineers, dancers, singers, Doctor Who fans, beat boxers, anime dweebs, hardcore Christians, gymnasts, and even people from different countries!  Its incredible the different stories you make with each person. 
What is your least favorite?
My least favorite is when you meet that one kid 5 years younger than you and hes better at everything you do, like come on man!  Gimme some slack!
Tell us something we might not expect about you:
Believe or not, I don’t have a “this one time at band camp…” story.  Some of the things you hear though…dayum son.
Describe your dream girl:
My dream girl is someone who gets my lame jokes and actually is able to tease me a lil bit.  But nothing sexier than a girl who can sing or play an instrument though!  If she serenades me, Ill swoon to the moon and back a couple times.  
What is your dream job?
My dream job is to be a mechanic-pilot-musician-dancer with a farm of sunflowers in the backyard.  Sunshine for dayssss
What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?
In my next year, I’m gonna go exploring Europe and come back with tons of new stories.  Ill even learn how to speak a bit of Italian, mamamia!
What was an unexpected moment in your life?  I was hitting on this girl in my freshmen year, I thought I was being pretty smooth and kissed her, but BOOM, curve ball, turns out she was a lesbian and didn’t have the heart to tell me sooner hahaha
Candy: nothing eats a good ol twix bar mmm
Drink: tall glass of ice cold water after a hot day
Song: Shut Up and Dance!  
Store: the kitchen appliance store and their wall of cookie cutters haha
Movie: Holes with Shia LaBeouf
Book: Harry Potter all the way
App: TsumTsums…it was the only reason I wanted a smart phone…yeah
Scent: freshly washed laundry and the car freshener version of that
Place: Waialua Sunflower Fields 


Shiina LoSciuto is a senior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa studying journalism and communications. She someday hopes to be a TV talk show host, as well as become BFFs with Taylor Swift. In her free time she is taking naps or obsessing over the show Scandal.
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