Campus Celeb: Katie O'Neill

This celeb might be missing from our campus, but she is fulfilling many of our dreams. Katie O’Neill is a brilliant 20-year-old junior who has been studying abroad for the last couple of months. She decided to continue to pursue her history and communications double major in Europe for two semesters. Her love for history and wine has only increased overseas. Here’s what Katie shared with us about her experiences!

Where have you studied abroad? Seville, Spain and Florence, Italy.

What's the most culturally interesting thing about Spain? The mix of cultures and ancient architecture is incredible. Spain/the Iberian Peninsula has such a complex history that has lead to an interesting mix of cultures, people, religions and more

Italy? Florence is the center of the Renaissance movement. There is so much incredible art and sculptures here. The original David by Michelangelo is down the street from my apartment!

Why did you decide to study abroad? I wanted to explore Europe and learn about the history and culture in the actual places it occurred.

Would you recommend it to your friends? I would recommend studying abroad to anyone! It’s been the most life changing experience I’ve ever had.

What would you have done differently? There are a few places I wish I had made more of an effort to travel to. I also wished I would’ve have put more effort into learning Spanish and Italian.

Would you ever live in Europe? I have loved being in Europe for the last school year but I don’t think I could live here forever.

How to you feel about the drinking laws out there? Drinking is a huge culture here, not only is the legal drinking age 16-18 but people drink at any time of the day without a problem. Europeans really appreciate the taste and culture behind their liquor.

How's the dating scene? I haven’t really thought about dating while out here. But it’s pretty casual, though you have to get past the language barrier typically.

What tips would you give those from HAWAII that are traveling abroad? Europe is totally different from Hawaii. My biggest piece of advice would be to just have an open mind and enjoy all the new and interesting people and places they’ll meet.

This or that:

American wine or European wine? European wine

American coffee or European coffee? American coffee

American clubs or European clubs? EUROPEAN CLUBS.