Campus Celeb: Cailyn Costa

One of the biggest trends amongst of women all ages is Sunrise shell jewelry. Originally from Monterey Bay, California Cailyn is a successful businesswoman and makes her own handmade jewelry with the help of local businesses.

What got you started in making jewelry? It all started during my high school senior economics class. We were assigned a group project where we had to create a business and try to make that business succeed. So I formed a group with a bunch girls and made feather jewelry. We sold from pieces from $3-$5 and ended up making about made $400 that semester. When I moved to Hawaii, I would always find beautiful shells and sea glass and the rest is history.


What inspires you to make jewelry? Jewelry makes people feel pretty and confident. That is why I decided to name my business Art of Sunshine because I want my customers to feel radiant like the sunshine.

What is your dream job? My dream job is to have my own drug education program and work with k-12 students.


How often do you sell your products at campus center? I am usually at campus center every 2-4 weeks and especially around holidays

What is your favorite piece? My favorite piece would be a simple sunrise shell necklace that has vibrant colors that would immediately catch your eye!


How has your business changed since you first started? It’s grown!!  Sometimes it’s overwhelming how big it has gotten, but I’m proud of where it has taken me so far.


Where do you buy materials? I buy my sunrise shells from a local diver who specifically dives on the west side, metals from Rio Grande, and beads from local bead store called Bead it Kaimuki.

Do you do custom orders? Yes.

Do you do online orders? Yes or through Instagram @artofsunshine


Any advice for other young girls who want to start they’re business?

Do your best to publicized your business and get your name out there! Even if it means to give out free jewelry. Utilize social media such as Instagram and Etsy, and collaborate with other local businesses to help each other out. So many people are trying to do the same thing as you - so make sure you stay true to yourself and don't slack on customer service. It’s important to treat your customers like royalty.


Major: Psychology

Horoscope: Virgo “Very type A personality haha”

Coffee or tea: Tea

Favorite show: Criminal Minds!

Instagram: @artofsunshine