Campus Celeb: Alexis Florian

This week's Campus Celeb is Alexis! Alexis is currently in Utah for the Love Your Melon (LYM) APEX experience convention, follow her journey on Instagram @AlexisFlorian.

Name: Alexis Florian
Age: 19 
Major: Communications/Communicology 
Hometown: Sacramento, California 
HC:I understand you're the one who brought LYM to UH, and it's been seeing a lot of success! 
I was the one who brought Love Your Melon to campus on November 10th, 2015 and we have had an incredible amount of success and positive feedback since then. I was just scrolling down Facebook one day and saw the website and I fell in love with the mission. Our mission is to put a hat on the heads of kid battling cancer across our country. We do this by selling hats from and 50% of the proceeds go towards pediatric cancer research. I saw the application and filled it out as fast as I could because I was overwhelmed with excitement about this new adventure. Today our crew has sold over 150 hats form our website which means over $2,000 has been donated to pediatric cancer research specifically from the LYM Crew at UHM. 
HC:Why is LYM so close to your heart?
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2015. Since we found out, I made it a priority to give back to the communities that gave my family and I so much support while she was battling. Seeing my strong, vibrant and independent mother go through such intensive treatment was so hard and as soon as I saw an opportunity to be a part of something hoping to end this horrible disease for kiddos, I jumped on it.
HC:What has been your favorite part of the journey so far?
So far my favorite part of this joinery has been seeing my crew grow and work together to find news ways to establish LYM as a powerful force in Hawaii. This organization has so much to offer and we want all of the islands to know that we are a resource for them and their kids when needed. When we sold 100 hats we earned a trip to dress up like superheroes and go visit a little girl battling cancer at her home. We are in the works of planning it now but the ideas that pour out of my teams minds and the passion they put into this organization makes everything worth it. 
HC:How can we help?
The biggest way to help our Crew is to represent on campus and throughout the town by wearing your LYM gear. Purchase a hat from and choose University of Hawaii- Manoa Campus Crew at checkout. If you want to get involved, follow our social media: Instagram is @uhm.loveyourmelon, Twitter is @uhm_lym and Facebook is Love Your Melon at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Through social media you can inquire about volunteering with us and keep up to date on all we will be doing throughout the island!
HC:What are your biggest dreams?
For the longest time I thought I wanted to move to New York after graduation and be a writer for a fashion magazine. Now that I’m almost done with college I’m realizing my path is changing. I’ve learned that PR is more the career route I want to take, and since working with LYM, I really want to work in the PR field for a children's hospital. I think PR is a great way to sell a brand through telling stories of people who have been positively affected by the brand/company you’re selling. Everyone has a story that deserves to be told, especially superhero kiddos battling disease. 
HC:What has been your favorite part about college?
My favorite part about college has been the way it’s opened me up to trying new things. I was never someone who liked to venture far from home, I’m definitely a homebody and moving to Hawaii was a huge change for me. I have had so many positive interactions with incredible people across the globe. I have seen sights and gone on hikes I never imagined I would have done. College has broken that shell and has taught me to try new things each day.
HC:Who are your biggest supporters?
There are three people who have been huge supporters here on the island. My boyfriend, Aaron who pushes me everyday to do a little better and try a little harder, my best friend Mikaela who has taught me what true motivation and determination looks like, and my other best friend, Tess who is my rock, she is always there when I need a helping hand or someone to cry on. My family, specifically my mother, grandmother and aunt are my biggest supporters at home. Lastly, my best friend Sierra who lives in New York. I can always count on her to snap me back into shape when I’m losing motivation. 
HC:What are you most excited about accomplishing?
I’m someone who is incredibly family oriented, so I’m really looking forward to starting and supporting a family in the future. I know that will be a huge accomplishment for me. Currently I am excited and proud of starting LYM on campus and graduating a year early! Those are two of the biggest accomplishments I am on the track for and have done.

Musician: Um Beyonce no questions asked. I’m creole like her so basically we’re the same person.
Color: Black and white and sometimes tan. I’m a very simple, minimalistic person. Color kind of freaks me out. 
Store: High end? Tory Burch. Her designs are typically simple but she does like to throw in crazy patterns which I can appreciate. Low end… Target. You can never go wrong with Target. 
Makeup Brand: Benefit all the way for makeup, LUSH for skincare. 
Starbucks Drink:I’m not the biggest coffee drinker so I typically get a venti Very Berry Bibiscus and Strawberry Acai/Cool Lime Refresher mixed with no water. Or a Peach Green Tea Lemonade. 
BookLooking for Alaska by John Green ha been one of my favorites for awhile now!
Movie: My Girl and 50 First Dates hands down.
Restaurant:There is a little local chain restaurant at home called Jacks Urban Eats. They make these fries called “Urban Fries” and they're basically the best food you will ever eat. 
Celeb Crush:Boy? Bieber for sure. Girl? there is this instagram “model” and her tame is Tammy Hebrew. She is absolutely stunning and has the cutest little family and a bangin’ bod. I highly suggest everyone looks her up.