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The Best Drinking Game: A Girl’s Guide to the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is the best day of the year (if you are a guy, from New England or Philly, or in love with Tom Brady). But don’t worry girls, I’ve got you covered this year! Follow along with this easy “SuperBowl52: Drinking Game for Girls to have a great day no matter who will get the $36,500 champion ring! Now grab some drinks and the chip bowl, we’re about to have a good time!

Take a sip:

*After P!nk performs the National Anthem (we already know it is going to be jaw-dropping)

*Anytime someone says “Dilly Dilly”!

*Every touchdown for the team you are supporting

*When a field goal is missed

*A player fumbles

*Every time they mention the temperature of Minnesota (estimated to be about 6℉!)

*At the beginning of each commercial break

*If Tom Brady is mentioned as “The GOAT”

*Every commercial that has a dog in it

*Everytime the Winter Olympics “Best of the U.S.” commercials are shown

Take a shot:

*When NFL is defined as the National Football League

*If they mention how old Tom Brady is or how many times he has been in the Super Bowl

*Anytime a “Dilly Dilly” Bud Light commercial comes on

*If any NSYNC member makes a guest appearance in JT’s halftime show

*A player or coach cries

Finish your drink:

*If Janet Jackson makes an appearance to redeem her 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction

*At each injury time out

*If a player gets a penalty for excessive celebration  

*If the game goes into overtime

*When the winning team pours Gatorade on their coach

Pro Tip: Instead of taking regular shots, make jello shots in the team that you are supporting color. (Red or Blue for Patriots and Green for the Eagles!)

Well there you have it, I hope you have a super fun Super Bowl! Be responsible and do not drink and drive! Dilly Dilly!

I matter. You matter. We matter.
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