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Ask A Nerd: The Effective Online Tutoring Program


Ask A Nerd is a new, effective, and totally awesome tutoring program made for college students. The services are available to anyone with an account on the website and Nerds are offered 24/7. Basically, you’re never going to need to set up a time with a UHM tutor again.

In order to get started, you simply head to the website, click on the Ask A Nerd button, and fill out the form given: 

Then, Nerds will bid on your question with an asking price, and you can choose whatever Nerd gives the best price quote. Bid prices range from $35 to $100+, depending on the difficulty of the question and the subject. For instance, a Psychology bid usually runs around $75. Although pricy, the service is worth it because every Nerd has a Bachelor’s Degree and higher. 

If you don’t want to hire a Nerd and would rather become one, you can do that too! Applications are always being accepted through the website. 

For more information, visit the website and watch this video:

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