8 Reasons Why Going Home for Christmas is the Best: Hawaii Edition

1. Seeing your dogs for the first time in months

And he still remembers you!

2. Taking a shower!

Not just a regular shower: a hot shower, with good water pressure, without your shower shoes… amazing.

3. Your big comfy bed

The first thing you do when you walk in your room and you just fall straight asleep


Finally! You could not take one more night cafe grilled cheese.

5. Your closest full of all those clothes you thought you didn't need, but you really did

It rains in Hawaii and you're going to need that rain jacket next semester.

6. Finally getting to drive your car! 

That hour long bus ride to Walmart is now a quick 5 minutes 

7. Binging on some of your favorite fast food stops

Has Hawaii not gotten the memo about Chick-Fil-A, Panera, or In n' Out? Shall I go on? 

8. Lastly, remembering the fact that in just three short weeks, you get to go back to paradise

Cheers to a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!