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7 Easy Anime Costumes to Cosplay Last Minute for Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

Sometimes life can get a little too busy and youʻre suddenly faced with Halloween coming a few days. You think youʻre ready until you forget that you need a Halloween costume for that ghostly holiday. But never fear, I got you covered if you need a last minute anime outfit to cosplay! Check out some of my quick outfit ideas below:

  1. L Lawliet from Death Note
    • In the anime, the mysterious world-known detective takes on the complex task to solve the identity of Kira. However, his costume is actually very simple to cosplay because all you need is a white long sleeved shirt and loose jeans. Shoes arenʻt required for this costume, but you probably need some if you’re going to walk around outside for the holiday. Donʻt forget to do makeup for his baggy eyes by smudging some black eyeliner on your lower waterline or by following Lʻs lead and not sleep for a few days. Personally, I’d recommend the eyeliner route.
  2. Pikachu from Pokemon
    • This loveable electric pokemon captures the hearts of many with his cuteness and short stature. You can dress up as this adorable creature easily by wearing a full yellow dress or shirt and skirt/pants combo. The only extra effort you would need is to make your own paper ears as a headband or hair clips. Just be sure to add red circles with blush or face paint on your cheeks and youʻre all set!
  3. Survey Corps Soldier from Attack on Titan
    • This costume works just for about any soldier in the series and can be the base for any specific main characters once you add accessories. Luckily, their uniforms donʻt require you to have the same colored shirt for anyone, so youʻd get to personalize your outfit by choosing any earth-toned colors. These could be as a regular plain old long-sleeve, a button-up, or even a hoodie! Then, you need white pants or leggings. For accessories, youʻd need some dark brown fabric to cover your waist and a black belt to go across your chest. The special part is the brown leather jacket where you can paint or paste a cutout of the Survey Corps. emblem on the shoulders and back. 
  4. Liz and Patty Thompson from Soul Eater
    • If you’re looking for two matching outfits between two girls to cosplay, then the Demon gun twins from Soul Eater are just what you’re looking for! Both don a cropped red polo tank and navy blue jeans or shorts. For accessories, youʻll need black belts, white ties, and white cowboy hats. Now, you might need a shorter friend to stand between you two if you want to get their trio altogether and have Death the Kid involved. Just be sure to practice your poses and focus on show symmetry even if you canʻt have a Death the Kid cosplay tagging along with you.
  5. Kiki from Studio Ghibliʻs Kikiʻs Delivery Service
    • The beloved movie character has a very comfortable and low effort outfit that is cute for the spooky season. You can wear an oversized black t-shirt with red or brown flats. For accessories, you can tie a red ribbon around your head as a headband and use a red purse or bag for trick or treating. Although not necessary, flying around on a broomstick and having a black cat companion would give you lots of bonus points!
  6. No-Face from Studio Ghibliʻs Spirited Away
    • If you want to be a bit more spooky and represent Studio Ghibli for Halloween, then look no further to No-Face! You can easily wear a black cloak covering your whole body, or just dress head-to-toe in black in a dress or top and bottom combo. The most important piece of the costume is the mask, which is something you can make from drawing it on paper or painting on a plain white mask.
  7. Luffy from One Piece
    • Thereʻs many variations of outfits for the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. To cosplay his original look, simply wear a red button-up tank top and light blue shorts. You would need to tie some yellow fabric around your waist as his belt. Lastly, wear his name-sake hat by tying a red ribbon around a straw hat, and draw a scar with two stitches below your left eye to complete the look. 

All of these outfits are up to your own discretion, and you can dress it up or down as much as you want. I hope these helped give some inspiration for those anime watchers out there. Have some happy haunting this Halloween!

Francheska is a graduating undergrad senior at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and Her Campus Hawaiʻiʻs Social Media Director. She double majors in Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. To connect more with her, check out her instagram at @frxn.chess.