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5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Other Half

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and is coming closer than we all think. Finding your partner a gift can be one that’s hard to do especially when the course load is starting to increase more as we are trudging on to Spring Break. Here are some gift ideas for you and your other half!

Test each other on your favorites

This gift idea is one that is fun to reveal to each other, and one that can be fun to shop for as well! The idea of this gift is to just make a list of things to buy. For example; my favorite food, favorite drink, favorite candy, a brand that I wear the most, etcetera. Depending on the budget that you both have, use your own judgment on how long the list should be. Then, go out together to the mall and separate. Go on your separate shopping sprees for each other, and set a time limit to make it more exciting! Afterward, find a place to reveal the items. You will say the topic and then reveal your items at the same time. This is a great date idea for you and your other half, and also a great way to reflect on what you know about each other!

Personalized Item

This gift idea is a broad one and can range from many things! A personalized item doesn’t just make a simple gift a lot more special, but it also could add a lot of possibilities to search for. You could get matching embroidered sweaters/hoodies, engraved keychains, engraved wallets, etcetera. It may cost a little extra due to the fact that it is personalized, but it’s worth it!

Basic valentine’s day

Honestly, what is so wrong with buying your significant other flowers, chocolates, and a cuddly bear? What is so wrong with that?! If your partner is someone who enjoys receiving all of those 3 things, I would suggest doing this for your partner but prioritize putting thought into it. Don’t just buy your significant other some random flowers, buy their favorite flowers. Don’t buy random chocolates, buy the ones they said they always wanted to try. Don’t buy a random bear. Buy a stuffed animal that relates to them or your relationship in some certain way. That is what makes all the difference.

Go out on a fun date

Take your partner somewhere fun! Do something that you both have been wanting to do, but have been putting off because of difficult time schedules, having no money, etcetera. This is a great chance to do things with your partner that you both have planned but have been putting off. This will make your partner feel cared for and special because you remembered the date idea. It’s a great way to make use of Valentine’s day!

Pampering Day!

What other way to celebrate your partner other than giving them a pampering day? Take them to the salon, to get a massage, to get their hair or nails done, etcetera. This would be greatly appreciated by your partner, and would really make them feel special.

Jessa Tadeo

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