5 Reasons Why Your Coffee Addiction is Okay

As I sit here drinking my usual morning cup of coffee, I cannot help but wonder about its possible health benefits. Coffee is the one liquid most people cannot go throughout the day without drinking. Whether you drink it in the morning, during the day or right after a meal, coffee is usually a must in people lives. Throughout the years, researchers have looked at coffee to determine whether it has positive effects or possibly negative effects on the human body. “It yellows your teeth” … “the caffeine is bad for your heart” … we have all heard these warnings before, but what if the good out weights the bad? Do not worry fellow coffee lovers, for the most part, the reviews have been positive in recent years! I said mostly … Unfortunately, coffee does have its bad side effects like causing blood pressure to rise, insomnia, headaches and more… but we still drink it anyways… right?? On top of those health risks, businesses like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts who tend to add ungodly amounts of sugary syrups to their beverages are causing coffee to have a bad name as well amongst medical professionals. Frappuccino’s and lattes alike contain seriously high levels of sugar in them which the human body does not necessarily need. Along with sugar, some drinks also include high amounts of calories and fat. Now, I am definitely not trying to talk you out of visiting Starbucks to satisfy your next coffee craving, this article is the complete opposite actually.


Reports have shown numerous times that coffee itself can be good for you with multiple health benefits! Although you may not be used to drinking coffee with little to no milk, or just a dash of sugar, it can work wonders for your health if you do! Below are five reasons to ease your conscious as they explain why drinking coffee can be beneficial for your health. 

Longer Life Span (I should be immortal by now)

According to Harvard Medical School, drinking anywhere from three to four cups of coffee a day can contribute to a longer life span! (That already seals the deal for me!) Other studies have shown that drinking coffee can cause a person’s risk of death to go down by twelve percent compared to others who do not drink coffee, as stated by a National Cancer Institute researcher, Erikka Loftfield. Multiple studies range in percentages though, anywhere from eight to fifteen. Either way, drinking coffee can extend your life span… need I say more? 

Body Booster (The real pre-workout)

Several studies have shown that drinking a cup of black coffee before heading to the gym can actually have good effects on the human body. This caffeine boost allows the body to improve in physical performance as it aids in breaking down fat! If you are not able to make it to the gym for any reason, just know that drinking a black cup of coffee is still a beneficial way to watch your weight. According to the website Healthline, other studies have shown that drinking coffee can boost a person’s metabolism, meaning that cup of coffee every morning is helping to burn fat at a faster rate than a body without caffeine! Who needs a gym membership anyway, point me in the right direction to the closest coffee shop!

Disease Defense (Lower your chances by drinking coffee)

Numerous studies have been performed studying the potential effects of coffee on the human body when it comes to certain diseases and the results are looking good! According to WebMD, coffee drinkers have a much lower chance of being diagnosed with dementia, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease, amongst others. Other studies have shown “fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes.” Unfortunately, these results are not as concrete as they sound. Apparently, when researchers come out with these “nutritional findings” they are only highly believed in assumptions as the studies do not actually medically observe the effects of coffee on the human body but usually involve a questionnaire or interview followed by a medical exam. I do not know about you but either way, I’m still drinking my cup of coffee to improve my health in one way or another.

Nutrients (Liquid vitamins, yay!)

Did you take your vitamins today? If not, did you have a cup of coffee? If so, then you are feeding your body some important nutrients just by ingesting it! According to an article on Healthline, a cup of coffee can contain vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, and potassium/manganese! According to the University of Scranton, coffee is also highly beneficial for the human body because it is “the number one source of antioxidants” for most people in the United States. This whole coffee consumption thing just keeps getting better and better! 

Depression Prevention (I knew coffee made me happy)

Last but not least, reports have shown that coffee or caffeine can prevent people from feeling the effects of depression! According to Medical News Today, “a study concluded that caffeine, specifically found in coffee, has a protective effect in preventing depression.”  This medical claim comes after reviewing twelve different studies that specifically studied the possible relationship between depression and the caffeine found in coffee. Luckily, if you are not a big fan of coffee, tea has also been proven to help prevent depression but not to the same degree as coffee can, as it does not usually contain the same amount of caffeine within it. It appears as though coffee could be some type of natural anti-depressant!

Coffee, just like everything else, has its good qualities and its bad. Some people believe the bad outweighs the good, some say the opposite. All I know is that after writing this article I cannot wait for my next cup!