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5 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch Before the Next Season Comes Out (Part 2)

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Since we are still in a pandemic, many of us are still inside a lot of the time watching lots of TikTok and of course, Netflix! If you have run out of television shows to watch, then do not worry because I have rounded up the newest season of binge worthy shows just for you!

Cheer (Season 2 – January 12)

If you haven’t seen Cheer (season 1), then what are you doing?! Even if you don’t know anything about cheerleading, this show is still binge worthy and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire season. The show focuses on the very prestigious cheer program at Navarro College in Corsicana, TexasNavarro’s coach, Monica Aldama, states that they are the best program in the country, and rightfully so. Throughout the show, viewers get to see how tough the sport of cheerleading really is and what these athletes go through on a daily basis. We also get to see the family-like bond that emerges among the cheer team. Lastly, we get to see their biggest competitor, Trinity Valley Community College, who live right down the road in Athens, Texas , and they are out for blood this season. Who will win at the annual Daytona cheer competition? Watch to find out!

Too Hot to Handle (Season 3 – January 19)

Too Hot to Handle is a reality television dating game show that was released at the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020, so of course I had to watch the whole season in two days. The show focuses on a group of ten young (and good-looking but not looking for commitment) individuals and the goal of the show is for none of them to interact sexually (even kissing). Each time a couple interacts in that way, the money from the “pot” is deducted. Obviously, the couple who breaks the rules is chastised by the other players. This show is funny because every couple thinks they can get away with their actions, but Lana, the virtual assistant, is always watching. Throughout the season you get to see the players grow as people and learn there is more to life than just sexual desire. However, not everyone grows in this way and there is a lot of drama. Tune in to see what the hype is about!

Ozark (Season 4 Part 1 – January 21)

Released in 2017, Ozark is a crime drama that focuses on Marty and Wendy Byrde, a married couple who move their family from Chicago to the Lake of the Ozarks. However, they aren’t moving for pleasure but rather because of Marty’s side gig, which is a money laundering scheme that they try to hide from their kids. As Marty (and his family) become more involved, they try to keep it a secret, but people in their new town start to find out and want a piece of the money. This show has a snowball effect and one thing happens after another. I recommend binging this show before season 4 returns to Netflix!

Love is Blind (Season 2 – February 11)

I’m sorry but I am adding ANOTHER reality dating show to the list because it’s that good! In this show, the viewers watch 30 men and 30 women speed date to discover  who is their “soul mate,” but there’s a catch – they can’t see each other. They are only allowed to talk to one another. Similar to the television show Married at First Sight, once the couple feels they found their match, the men are able to propose. After proposing, the couple finally get to meet face to face and attend a getaway. Does the honeymoon phase never end or does it not even start? This is a must-watch!

Tall Girl 2 (Sequel – February 11)

Although it’s not a television show, I just found out that Tall Girl is coming out with a sequel next month. If you haven’t seen the first movie, it is your classic romantic teen comedy, but the main character, Jodi, is 6’1” tall and stands out among her classmates. All she wants to do is find a boyfriend, but she wonders how she is going to do that when she towers over most of the boys in her high school. In this movie we get to see your typical teenage insecurities and teenage drama but it is cute and I am more than ready for the sequel!

We are only at the beginning of 2022, and there are so many more sequels and seasons coming out this year. Look out for part three of this article series!

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