5 Date Ideas for You and Your S.O. This Valentine’s Day


1. See a Movie


I know, cliche, right? Rather than scramble last minute thinking of places to go, let me spare you the trouble of trying to make last-minute dinner reservations, why not grab some tickets in advance to one of these upcoming hits:

  • The Prodigy: A horror movie starring Taylor Schilling

  • Isn’t it Romantic: A comedy starring Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth

  • Cold Pursuit: A drama starring Liam Neeson

2. Spend the evening indoors (thanks, polar vortex!)

With the weather being an absolute freezing disaster lately, why not use it to your advantage and plan a simple date night in? Grab a deck of “What Do You Meme”, finish that movie you’ve both been trying to get to, or maybe just light a candle and order pad thai. Any and all options are open to you. In this case, simple may just be better.

3. Dinner and a museum

Now, granted not every couple is going to have someone who likes to look at art, but this is where you could easily meet-in-the-middle and both do what you both would enjoy. Decide on which one of you wants to pick dinner and the other can decide on which museum you want to go to. Not a fan of eating out? Try making dinner yourself and share in the experience together.

4. Go ice skating

Yes! Believe it or not, even in Hawaii you can ice skate. Make it a fun afternoon and spend some time at the rink. Bonus points: teaching your S.O how to skate!

5. Play hookie and explore your city



Nothing is as romantic as walking around the city and catching sight of the people, the art, and the scenery. Take a stroll through your city park, grab coffee at a cafe, and top it off with a quick bite to eat before seeing the city at night.