5 Books with Twisted Endings to Read During Quarantine

Since quarantine began in March, we have all been spending more time in our homes. Why not pick up a good mystery book? I have a few recommendations that were page-turners for me! I wasn’t an avid reader before quarantine began, but these books changed my mind.

  1. Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell: This was my first quarantine read that started it all! This book is about Laurel Mack, a divorced mother of two children (used to be three). It’s been ten years since Ellie Mack, her favorite daughter, went missing. Laurel knows deep down that is not the truth; Ellie had a great life, why would she run away? After the police discover some evidence, Laurel can’t stop thinking about Ellie and what could have possibly happened. Some new people enter Laurel’s life around this time and something just seems too odd. Laurel starts to put the pieces together and finds out what really happened to Ellie. This book’s ending is a complete blindside and you would not expect what happened. Even after I was done reading, I wanted more.

  2. The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn: This was an interesting read that had my mind thinking of lots of possible endings. The book has several flips that will make you want to continue reading. The book is focused on Anna Fox, who is fearful of leaving her own house due to past trauma. She hasn’t left her home in a year and she lives alone. Anna is a sad, possibly alcoholic woman, that tends to look out her window on a daily basis. One day, while looking out her window, she witnesses a horrible crime and no one else seems to be around. What is she supposed to do? Was it even real? Do people even believe her? Read this book to find out what she witnessed.

  3. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold: I’ve read this book once before but decided to pick it up again since it was just that good! Even if you’ve seen the movie, there are so many more details in the book that completes the story. This book is a little backward, we know what happened to little Susie Salmon (like the fish!) from the beginning of the book, but her family and friends continue to question what happened. After passing on, Susie continues to make herself present in the real world in subtle ways, giving her family and friends clues as to what happened. Will they finally discover the truth?

  4. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: From the amazing author of Gone Girl, Sharp Objects follows a young woman named Camille Preaker. She is a reporter for the Chicago Post and she is yearning for better content. Just her luck, there is some news happening back in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri. There are two separate murders of two young girls, Natalie Keene and Ann Nash. Since there hasn’t been much coverage of the murders, she decides to go down there before other reporters catch wind of the stories. Not only will she be in Wind Gap to cover the stories, but she will also be visiting her “wonderful” mother. The more you read of this book, the more on the edge you will be. If you enjoy murder mysteries with a twist, go pick up this book today. Also, this book was turned into a TV show for those that like to watch the show after reading the book.

  5. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn: One Gillian Flynn book was not enough for me, I had to continue reading her novels. Her writing always keeps me on edge and keeps me turning the pages. The book opens with Libby Day, a young woman who is a little selfish and childish, realizing she has no money left. All of her money came from the capitalization of her mother and sister’s murder, in which she escaped. She eventually discovers the Kill Club, a club that heavily analyzes murder cases. Her goal is to possibly get some cash from being a guest speaker for the club, but instead, she finds herself in a position looking for more answers from her family’s murder. Who actually did it? Are they still after Libby?

Also, if you want to spice it up, ask a few friends or family members to do a virtual book club with you! Try not to read all these books in one sitting.