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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

All college students can attest that the struggle is oh-so-real, but it doesn’t really help when your college is the reason for most of the struggles. Here are 22 struggles that UHM students know all too well. 


  1. When you pay $142 for a parking permit, but still can’t find parking ANYWHERE.

    There better be street parking on Dole Street or I’m going to cry!


  2. When your lecture hall has desks as big as your hand.

    Uhhh, how am I supposed to fit my test AND my scantron on this desk?!


  3. When you’re taking a (timed) exam on Laulima and Laulima decides to stop working….

    It’s okay, who needs A’s anyway, right?


  4. When you paid $150 for a textbook at the bookstore and get $4.78 back at Textbook Buyback.

    Really UH? Are you sure that’s the most you can give me?


  5. When the custodians decide to clean all the bathrooms on every single floor…at the same time.

    Why?! Just…why?


  6. That time it was a super sunny day and all of a sudden it pours out of nowhere for just two minutes; long enough to sufficiently soak you.

    Damn it, why am I the only one that got soaked?!


  7. When you take a major-required class only to find out that starting next semester, that class is no longer required.

    Excuse me while I go scream in the corner for a second.


  8. When you transfer to UH as a senior, but you’re technically a sophomore because they didn’t accept your credits.

    That’s okay, I’ll just stay in school for the rest of my life…


  9. When you’ve paid the mandatory fee for the new Warrior Recreation Center for all four years and it’s only halfway built when you graduate..

    Come on, “Do It In Four” UH… 

  10. When they took Taco Bell away from us….

    T’was a sad day… 

  11. When you’re registering for classes, and it takes you hours.

    If I have to reload this page one more time… 

  12. When multiple laundry machines are broken and suddenly everyone is doing their laundry at the same time.

    What’s worse…going commando or wearing underwear backwards? 

  13. When you’ve just “let a load off” and there is no more of that 1/2 ply toilet paper.

    Hello? Anyone out there? 

  14. When getting administrative help becomes a game of Office Tag around the QLC: Cashier’s Office sends you to Financial Aid, who sends you to Records, who sends you back to Financial Aid, who sends you back to the Cashier’s office.

    It’s a vicious cycle, but you get your issue resolved….two semesters later. 

  15. When the school’s Wi-Fi connection is slower than dial up…

    How can I “Netflix and Chill” under these conditions?! 

  16. That time UH paid $200,000 for Stevie Wonder to perform, and it turned out to be a scam.Yup, that actually happened. #steviewonderblunder 

    *UH officials handled the situation very professionally and quickly. For the detailed chronology and facts, click here.

  17. When eating at Hale Aloha Cafe means an unpleasant night spent in the bathroom…

    ….not fun… 

  18. When you spend at least an hour getting ready and doing your make up, only to have it melt off your face within 10 minutes of stepping outside. 

    At least my eyebrows are still on fleek. 

  19. When you get stuck in the elevator in Kuykendall…or Saunders…or Sinclair…or…you get the idea. IF the elevators are working to begin with.


    It’s okay, I don’t mind walking up ten flights of stairs to my dorm. At least the walls aren’t closing in on me…yet.

  20. When your RIO requests reimbursement for funds and you get your money back..10 forms and 3 semesters later.

    It’s cool, we’ll just raise our club dues like 200%. 

  21. Leaving the thermosat set to 58˚ C in every single building on campus BUT the dorms.

    So THIS is where all our tuition dollars go… 

  22.  When they took Taco Bell away from us!!!

    Sorry, some of us STILL aren’t over it yet. Can we just take a moment of silence right now?  

These are just some of the struggles we face as UHM students. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the Warrior life and school pride, but like any other public university, UHM could stand to make the journey a little easier.

Can you recall a time you’ve thought, “SMH, UH!”? We’d love to hear them! Post your story in the comments!



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