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10 Places to Visit During Spring Break on Island

1. Ko’Olina

There’s no time like spring break to make a trip out to the west side to Ko’Olina. A resort area, it features 4 beautiful lagoons, which are all perfect places to spend an afternoon lounging on the beach and taking dips in the ocean. One of those dips you take, you have the option to go swim with turtles! Be sure to stay through the until dusk because the sunset view is hard to beat!

2. Waimea Falls

The water looks muddier than it really is, I promise. Located up north in Waimea Valley, this waterfall can be an incredible site and experience. Go after it’s been raining, and you’re sure to see a powerful stream of water. Be sure to wear your bathing suit because you’ll have the option to get in and get up close and personal to the fall. It’s a cleansing and calming experience to stand so close to something powerful. Plus, unlike many other waterfalls on the island, access to Waimea Falls is only a 30 minute walk on a paved path!

3. Maunawili Falls

Another waterfall on the list to check out, this one takes a little bit more energy and time to get to, but the end is worth the means. Again bring your bathing suit to enjoy the falls. Those interested in cliff jumping, this is a great place to jump from different heights as the video shows. WARNING: The water is COLD.

4. China Walls

Before going to China Walls in Hawaii Kai, be sure to check the surf report. If you’re planning to spend the day jumping off the rocks, check and make sure there is no swell coming in. The waves crash against the rocks, making it difficult and dangerour to get out of the water. However, on a good day, it’s a fun place to spend your afternoon. The rocky ledge has plenty of flat space to layout on your towel, if you don’t feel like swimming or jumping. The jump is only about 10-12 feet depending on the water level, but still fun!

5. Ka’au Crater

WARNING: This hike in Palolo Valley is not for the faint-hearted. Taking between 5-6 hours, be prepared to dedicate your entire day to get to the top.  You’ll be climbing up rocks, using a series of ropes dispersed throughout the trail to help you along in the steepest areas. It is certainly a full body workout. On the way down, be ready to use those quads when sliding down the dirt ridge. Be sure to bring more water than you think you need and also food to keep your energy up! It takes a lot of time and energy to complete Ka’au Crater, but if you go with a good group, the views and the experience are well worth it. The more clear the day, the better your experience will be. Along the way, you can see three waterfalls from different angles as well as views of the crater ridge and different sides of the island. When you get to the top you’ll be lucky enough to gain a pretty full view of the island and take in the beauty Oahu has to offer.

6. Lanikai Beach

Photo Courtesy of howtoliveinhawaii.com

Head to Kailua on the windward side to spend a day recovering from a strenuous hike (like Ka’au Crater).  It’s one of Hawaii’s most famous and most beautiful beaches, so expect to be sharing the beach with others and struggling to find parking. However, these are some of the most clear waters and pictures you post from here will be sure to make any of your off-island familt and friends jealous. If you are the type to go restless only lounging  and swimming at the beach, bring  or rent a SUP board or kayak/canoe. You can take a visit to the mini-islands located off shore.

7. Kuliouou Ridge

The ridge trail takes about 3-4 hours, start to finish, but given its length, actually isn’t too difficult. The trail to the top is mostly shaded as you walk through pine forest, but beware towards the end of the hike it starts getting steep as you approach the ridge. Getting to the top of the ridge is difficult only in that it is so steep, but there are stairs to make your life a little easier. Once you get to the top, you’ll have an awesome view of Hawaii Kai as well as views of Waimonalo. If you go on a cooler or windy day, definitely take a jacket. It gets cold at the top!

8. Kaena Point

Take a trip out to the western most point of the island on this hike. The total time from start to finish is about 2 hours, but a very easy path. You’ll be see amazing views of the water and the rocks that line the side of the trail as well as the beauty of the west side. At the start/finish point of the hike, there is also a beach park, so bring your swimsuit and cool off after your done on a relatively uncrowded beach.

9. Koko Head

A quick, but strenous hike, Koko Head is a great hike to do as a great 30 minute leg workout. Climb the seemingly neverending steps to get to the top and you’ll be met with some awesome views. If you’re looking for a place to cool off aftwewards, you’ll notice in the picture, Hanauma Bay is close by (right across the street). You can combine a morning workout with some snorkeling afternoon fun!


10.  Absolutely nowhere

Spring Break is meant to be a vacation and a time to relax and recharge to finish out the semester.  Just because we are in Hawaii, doesn’t mean you are not well within your rights as a college student on break to spend an entire day in bed watching Netflix and stuffing your face. In fact, HCHI recommends you take one day to be lazy and do nothing without any guilt. You work hard and living in paradise, there can be expectation to play hard too. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s perfectly fine to be a hermit too.


Spring Break is March 23-28. HCHI hopes you have a great vacation exploring the island (or the internet) if you are sticking around on Oahu!


Rachel is a senior studying Business Management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She treads the fine line of busy colliegette and overwhelmed stress ball. She enjoys running, hiking, and being outdoors, but willing to trade that in for a day of netflix and intermittent naps.
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