Vin Dioguardi: A Custom's Co-Head

Coming into freshman year may be one of the most intimidating parts of the college experience. Luckily, we all go to Haverford where our Freshmen Customs program makes this transition as seamless as possible! The amount of work that is put into Customs is something that this week's Campus Celebrity is well accustomed to. Vin Dioguardi, a 2013-2014 Customs Co-Head, was the man in charge along with Co-Head, Alex Lee '14. Read more below to find out how he and Alex handled this year's class of freshmen! 

Name: Vin Dioguardi

Class: 2014

Major: Biology, BioChem Concentration

Hometown: Garden City, NJ


How many years have you been involved in Customs and what have been your positions each year?

For 3 years.  I was a PAF my sophomore year, then on PAF committee sophomore into junior year when I was a UCA at that point.  Then finally, junior into senior year I was one of the Customs Week Co-Heads.
Why is Customs so important to you?
I'd probably have to say because Customs was awesome for me, my freshmen year.  As a senior now and being able to look back on my customs group and team knowing that they are some of my best friends here makes me absolutely feel like Customs is that important.  
What did you enjoy the most about being a Customs Co-Head this year?
Definitely getting all the bribes at Dorm Olympics.  
Any favorite/funny Customs moments through the years?
This year for the scavenger as in past years one of the tasks was to find and bring back a short hairy guy named Dan.  One group actually got pretty creative and thought it'd be a great idea to knock on our new President Dan Weiss' door, and wake him up at 11:00 explaining to him how they needed a short hairy guy named Dan for the scavenger hunt.  It was pretty cool that he obliged and after I could confirm that he wasn't annoyed in the slightest about participating I thought it was pretty awesome.  He later told me that he couldn't recall ever being woken up late at night by a more polite and respectful group of individuals.