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Victor N’Diaye ’15

Name: Victor N’Diaye

Year: 2015

Major: History

Hometown: South Orange, NJ

Relationship Status: Taken

How are you involved on campus?

I play lacrosse and I go to class. That’s about it. I also coach IBB.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

A penguin or a panda because they both are black, white, cute and cuddly. Why not?

Who do you have winning March Madness?

I have Duke winning because Coach K is my hero.

What is your ideal date?

My ideal date would be Will Smith, my spirit animal, and me on a romantic candlelit dinner.

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a thousand duck-sized horses and why?

I’d rather fight a thousand duck-sized horses so that I could keep a few as pets if I win. 

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