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Sweet ’16

As we say good-bye to the year 2015, and celebrate the 2016 New Year, we set resolutions for the upcoming year, plan events for the near future, and look expectantly at the sky for snow. Don’t move on too quickly to 2016 though. Instead of thinking about just what you look forward to in 2015, reflect upon the fond memories of 2015. Whether these past circumstances were surrounded by success or suffering, it is in our reflections upon the past year that we grow and become more the individual we desire to be. Embrace the late-nights spent studying for that test you still didn’t do well on. Ponder on that day where you kindled a new friendship with a colleague. Think about that time you spent on a new adventure and went outside of your comfort zone. Reflect on the memories made with loved ones over this past holiday season and in the whole year. Through the good or bad, express gratitude for all your situations that have come to you, helped you to learn more about yourself and the world around you, and taught you the life lessons to become the person you are today. Thankfulness is not just for Thanksgiving, but a daily and certainly yearly ritual we can embark upon in thanking our loved ones, peers, and professors for the time we have spent together whether in struggle or in victory. As you move onto the the sweet ’16, think about how blessed we all are to go to such a great school, be surrounded by peers who academically challenge us and support us, professors who guide us, administration that leads us, and our families and friends that uplift and encourage us. Take time this New Year’s Day to express gratitude for 2015, and look forward to the more ways we can say “thank you.”  Peace and blessings to all this 2016, and may your year be full of happiness, love, and kindness. Thank you for such a wonderful 2015 loyal readers, and happy New Year! 

Meg is a student at Haverford College and plays field hockey for the college. She is an interested writer.
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