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Spotted: Who was behind the mask??

        This Saturday night the Ford’s donned their sexiest swag for the highly anticipated Masquerade Ball. With guest DJ Wes de Graaf setting the mood with banging beats, it was as I promised a reckless night for all…Stepping into Lunt basement, guests were immediately greeted by the King himself and grabbed a mask to hide their identities before hitting the dance floor. Some took the opportunity to cozy up to secret admirers, while others thought wearing the masks meant that no one could see them snogging all night long… I guess the head-banging beats just really bring the Fords out of mid-term hibernation as everyone was strutting their stuff and grinding to the beat of their hearts on Saturday night.

        Now even though I loved the theme, masks do make spotting a challenge, and so this night was as mysterious as the half naked guy in heart boxers running in and out of the crowd. While he may have interpreted the “formal” theme a little loosely, most of the ladies were dressed to impress for all of the court jesters. A teal temptress made the boys say "daynmmm" while rocking some fly black pumps. Another one of our favorite ladies proved she was no fashion Coward by pairing a tight black dress with some formal high-tops. While some could handle the high-rising pumps, others found dancing quite a challenge as the pescey floor was rather slippery and I spotted a few epic tumbles. Ladies, ladies, next time we need to remember that classy dresses aren’t meant to wipe up the basement floor, even if you are wearing a mask next time find an eligible suitor to hold you up for the night. 

        The guys were a slightly different story in their interpretations of the formal attire, with some questionable outfits making them stand out even under the cover of masks. One bro dressed as an Ode to Christmas, complete with bright red pants and a Santa hat. Another seemed to get lost on his way to the golf course, sporting Scottish pantaloons that most guys would have squashed from their outfit choice. Yet, this bro managed to pull them off and I wouldn’t be surprised if he let a fine lady past his goal line at the end of the evening. The lacrosse lads were all dressed to the nine’s in their courtly attire. Getting the party going early, some were even hoping for a Victor-y under the stealthy cover of the mischievous masks. But I hope they weren’t caught offside as the glitter settles from last night’s scandals the morning after.
        This reckless evening was only a glimpse of what’s to come this semester, and I hope we all get another chance to wear sexy black-squirrel attire. So get those midterms done and start your Spring Break early. I know I am looking forward for some r&r before coming back to the Ford. But don’t worry, even though we are almost half-way done with the school year there is still plenty of time for sneaky hookups, fly outfits, and raging dance parties. Who knows, even you could be spotted next…

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