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Scrush–The Secret Crush App!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Haverford chapter.

Forget, Tinder! The newest dating app is here and it was co-created by some of our very own ‘Fords (Mark Loper ’15, Eli Schwartz ’14, and Steve Lazarro ’14)! Scrush is the perfect way to meet people in the Haverford network and find out who is going to be at parties and events you’re heading to. Scrush them by swiping right and if you have a match, meet up with them later!

Scrush: verb. To secretly express interest in someone

Scrush is a brand new app for your iPhone that lets you anonymously match with your secret crush on campus.  You might be thinking that sounds a lot like Tinder, or one of the endless other dating apps.  Nope. The difference is, scrush is all about meeting your matches in real life.

Scrush has all the great potential of a convenient dating app combined with the real world interaction of, well, real life. Scrush (secret crush) connects you to potential matches who are going to the same party, class or bar that you’re already headed to tonight. Swipe right on your crushes before hitting the party, get matches when the feeling’s mutual, and save yourself the embarrassment of that cheesy pick up line you’ve been rehearsing. With scrush, you’ll break the ice, discover matches in your social circles, and easily take a virtual flirtation into the real world.

Versus Tinder, which is, let’s face it, a game.  People “play” Tinder, get matched and have fun messaging when they’re bored.  But do you really feel comfortable meeting up with these random strangers? Scrush is built around real world events.  Instead of creating random digital interactions and hoping you’ll move them offline, we’re taking real world events and the places you already go, and giving you a tool for meeting people at those events and in those places.

Start scrushing today at scrushapp.com