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Mr. Straight-Shooter: A Guy’s Guide to Choosing Your Saturday Night Outfit

Have you ever wondered what we really want to see you wearing on a Saturday night? Here are just a few tips from the guy’s perspective on what is hot and definitely not. But don’t worry ladies, the key to my heart is confidence so feel free to break my rules and prove me wrong.
Each week I will be providing you with “manswers” on how to navigate the minds of guys.
Stay sexy Haverqueens,
Mr. Straight-Shooter

On what he wants to see you in: Dresses are the favorite. Simpler dresses are better. I’m into sleek and sexy, especially black. Generally, the shorter the better but if it gets to the point where you can see a little much then that’s a problem. Its not an attractive look when it hugs your assets and barely keep everything under the dress. For me a dress is more attractive when it’s tight down to your waist and then flowier at the bottom.
On the strapless look (SHOCKER ALERT): I would say that with strapless there is so much room for error. There are a lot of ways it can go wrong. I’m not feeling it if you don’t have the chest to support it or it doesn’t fit right. Tube tops look SO bad on a lot of people. If their shoulders are too big or if they’re falling out of it its not a good look. Also, when girls have to keep shimmying their dress up it really bothers me. When you put your outfit together it should be unadjusted and have a certain confidence in it. You shouldn’t have to change anything about it while you’re out. If a girl can pull off strapless it looks really good. However, its not that often that you see a girl in a strapless dress and you think that it looks good.

On skirts:  Skirts are like dresses, but not as good. If you’re going to show some leg, a dress is much more flattering and natural.I feel like a skirt is just a dress that is cut off at the waist. If you’re going to wear a skirt, wear it high-waisted. It accentuates the hips. Watch out though, because tucking it in can set you up for failure if you don’t have the right body.
On tops: I personally like looser fitting tops because it leaves a little something to the imagination. You’re not necessarily all out there and showing off your stuff. I do like open backs. It is sexier when girls show more back and less cleavage. Showing cleavage can turn questionable pretty quickly while the open back is more sophisticated sexiness.  If you’re wearing a blouse without an open back then showing more cleavage is definitely okay.
On tights: Tights are really attractive in a more formal setting when you’re wearing a nice high pair of heels and you’re rocking a dress and tights. Bare legs are generally more attractive for going out. Legs are something you want to show off as a girl. They’re definitely one of the more eye catching body parts. If you have attractive legs you should be showing because guys will go weak for a nice pair of legs.
On sheer: It’s definitely a sexy thing to show some bra because it’s a little tease and gets you looking.  It’s pretty fragile because it can be a little too much if you’re showing too much. It’s like, ”Oh, you’re wearing a red bra? Cool.”
On leggings: There aren’t any guys out there that don’t like leggings. They make your legs and assets look really good.  They especially look good with a loose top.
On pants: Wearing pants out is not as attractive. Pants with heels can be pulled off. Pants and flats are way too casual.  If you’re going to wear pants out, you must wear heels.It’s more exciting and not as plain.
On shoes: Most guys are definitely into heels because they show off the legs. I like ankle boots with pants because it’s different. The really high boots can be attractive in the right style but a lot of high boots don’t do much for me.
On crop tops: Generally I don’t like the stomach showing. Showing a little bit of midriff isn’t that attractive. I don’t really want to see your belly button. It’s just kind of like, “Why?”
 On his favorite colors to see you in: I’m a fan of the warmer colors. More eye- catching colors like oranges, yellows, and off whites work well. Light blues, greens, and purples also do it for me. There’s always a good occasion for a nice red but a going out outfit is more eye catching in rarer colors. A really good look is a simple dress with solid, mismatched heels. For example, a black dress and turquoise heels: Its simple yet bold. If you have confidence to pull it off it’s a little edgy.

On hair: Most guys like hair up than down.  There’s less creativity with leaving your hair down and less individuality.  The best combo is leaving your hair somewhat up but having some of it down. Ponytails are playful, fun, and attractive but its not as sexy. The hair up shows off your face and neck and there’s less to hide. I’m a fan of loose curls. It shows that she’s putting in a little effort and sets her apart. It catches your eye.Really, there’s no wrong way to wear your hair. Whatever you’re more comfortable with will work best for you.
On makeup: One of my biggest pet peeves is when you can see the foundation line. When you can see that their face is obviously 8 shades darker than their skin tone that’s a huge turnoff. The eyes are the biggest difference. Light use of mascara and eyeliner always look good. I’m not a big fan of the color eye shadow because it looks like you’re trying too hard to make yourself stand out. For more formal occasions a bolder lipstick is really attractive. For going out a lighter glossier type deal because strong lipsticks are more old ladyish.
BIGGEST TURNOFF:  Hands down, sloppiness. If you’re falling out of your dress and straps are coming off or if the dress is riding up a little too high it’s not a good look. When you see girls out one of the biggest things you want to see is confidence, a little sexiness, and control over themselves It’s more of a turn on to see a girl who is confident in what she is doing and wearing. Way too much makeup is a huge turnoff. When girls try too hard it’s really obvious and it’s really not attractive. If the outfit is not accentuating the right parts it’s an issue.

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