Matt Sherman '17

Name: Matt ShermanYear: 2017Hometown: Narberth, PAMajor: History Relationship status: Single
How are you involved on campus?I play varsity basketball, and occasionally appear in Cory Walts Agility Ladder demo videos (to see magical footwork, go to the Strength and Conditioning tab on Haverford Athletics web site). 
What’s your favorite TV show?Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is who I strive to be. 
What is your spirit animal and why?An octopus. The possibilities are endless with all that arm mobility. 
Do you have any secret talents?Dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower. 
Describe your ideal date.Dinner with waiter service at Du Jour, Kiwi to follow. 
What is your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?Turkey. There’s something to be said for eating something you killed. 
Which Hunger Games character would you be and why?Katniss, because of the leaked nudes.