Haverparties, tips and tricks!

Hello again fellow firsties, 

Here are some tips and tricks I've compiled for the Haverford party scene from my little time here so far. 

The day of the party hydrate the fuck out of yourself and eat something solid that wont make you sick (stay away from foods that usually can make you sick even when you aren't drinking)


Bring a cup just in case wherever you are going runs out (bring extras and make friends who will love you forever)! But don't bring glass or ceramic because the QB's will check you on that!


Wear pockets/bring a purse or bag that can fit snacks in them. 1) It'll be nice for you when you need a little pick me up between dances and 2) It's just one more way to make new friends who will love you forever and will remember you as the snack person!


Quick rundown of venues for parties:

Gummere basement:

Warm (but not even close to as hot as Lunt), dark, nasty, not usually super crowded, faint urine and beer smell.

Lunt basement:

HOT, crowded, typically better music, a bit of a walk depending on where you're coming from (but the Lunt Cafe milkshakes might be motivation enough)


James House:

My personal favorite location, a bit more homey (feels like a house party), but that means it is very cramped. Easier access to the outside and so more people will hang out outside of the party in the cooler air than in the basement venues. 


Nope just nope. 


Apartment parties really vary depending on the host. If you're going to an apartment party and you do not live in the apartments, have a backup plan with someone who does live in the apartments to crash with them. Figure out that plan prior to the party cause drunk planning never ends well (except for that time I ordered a wig online drunk, that ended well). If you do not have anyone in the apartments to stay with have someone prepared to walk you back to your dorm incase you get too drunk and start walking back and get halfway to main campus and realize:

Sometimes a small party with just your friends is better than a crazy Lunt basement bash. Small dance parties in a common room or lounge can be just as, if not more fun than going out!

No matter where the party is, go in with a positive outlook. You get out of any party as much as you put into it. If you start the night with the intent to have fun and really work at it, you will.


Eventually there's gonna be a lost Bryn Mawr girl. She might be drunk, you might be drunk, everyone might be drunk, but just do your best to point them or take them to the blue bus stop. Don't get stuck with them and spend the rest of your night leading them around like a lost puppy, unless you're into that, in which case go for it!


The Coop isn't up and running on party nights and since drunk cooking is not optimal, consider the comforting heat and bearable food of Lunt Cafe! The milkshakes are their specialty and while the Oreogasm is the most popular dessert, try branching out and ordering a wide range of flavors with your friends and sharing them amongst yourselves. 

Have the sober friend be the one to order food whether it's on the phone, at the counter, or at a table. Just let them do it. 

If you aren't having fun, go to bed. Just go to bed, dude. You can try again tomorrow night and everything will look better in the light of day. 

And finally remember what How I Met Your Mother taught us: if it seems like a good idea at 2am, it probably won't look as good by 2pm.

Have fun and be safe out there 'Fords! 


~Xoxo Bridgie B