Colin Cox: Haverford's Youngest Campus Celeb!


Name: Colin Adrian Cox

Age: 3 weeks (23 days)

What are your favorite past times?

Floating in amniotic fluid and bouncing around while my mom was on the elliptical.

What is your favorite part of the day and your least favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day is breastfeeding. My least favorite part of the day is when my mom wipes my butt.

What has your favorite outing been so far?

The Johns Hopkins field hockey game. I strolled in with my dad right when the girls scored their second goal.

Are you a mommy’s boy or a daddy’s boy?

Mommy’s boy, definitely.

What are your favorite sports?

Soccer and field hockey

Would you rather wear a onesie or a squirrel suit?

A onesie with a squirrel on it.