15 Times Dogs Just Got 'Fords

1. Seeing Havercat

2. Seeing other people see you see Havercat and trying to play it cool 

3. Participating in class discussions like 

4.  Dealing with those Haverbros like 

5. When the silent student finally speaks up and says something fucking crazy in class 

6. Halloween 

7. First cuddle sesh with your Haverbae

8. Realizing you have no idea what’s going on in one of your classes

9. Finally finding your friend at a party 

10. Dealing with one ply toilet paper

11. Having one of those weeks

12. Making your first mixed drink

13. Realizing it’s really time to go home in the middle of a party

14. Finally getting home after a long day 

15. Enjoying an Oreogasm from Lunt Café (Shoutout to Lunt Café)

~Xoxo Bridgie B