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Things to Look Forward To this Spring Semester

We’re back and better than ever (hopefully). Spring semester is in full swing and there’s a lot of fun events happening in the coming months that all of us at Harvard can look forward to. Whether or not you’re still suffering from post-break depression, here’s a (small) collection of events to mark on your calendars to get you through the new semester:


For freshmen:

-Housing Day!

One of my favorite memories from last year. Housing Day starts off as a huge bundle of nerves that transforms into excitement throughout the rest of the day after you have a hoard of loud upperclassmen beat down your door and hand you the fateful letter.


PC: http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2016/03/hearty-welcomes-with-a-tou…


-Freshman Formal!

It’s your chance to celebrate the end of your first year at one of the greatest colleges in the world! You’ve survived and it’s time to let the world know by busting a move at this fancy function.


For sophomores:

-Taking more classes within your newly chosen concentration!

If you’re anything like me, then you spent a year and a half taking basic requirements and itching to have the chance to take higher level classes and now is that time! After choosing our concentrations, we are ready to delve deeper into the topics we’ve chosen and revel in the knowledge being thrown at us.


-Surviving another semester!

Yay!… maybe


PC: http://lifehacklane.com/study-hacks-to-make-school-easier/


For juniors:

-Junior Parents Weekend!

Freshman parents weekend was fun, but being so new to the area was a bit of a challenge to decide exactly what to show your family. Especially for those coming from far away homes and/or disadvantaged financial backgrounds, these special designated weekends might be the only times your family is able to visit. Now that two and a half years have come and gone, you’re much more equipped to take on the role of tour guide and give your family a great time.


PC: http://parents.fas.harvard.edu/2016-schedule


-Thinking about thesising!

I’m sure you’ve already thought about this by now, but the decision to thesis or not to thesis is a big one to make and it’s time to make it. Don’t let peer pressure get to you and your decision but don’t rule out a unique experience!


For seniors:


There are countless things for you to check off your senior year bucket list this semester. But in the midst of preparing for life after college and making sure graduation is properly approaching, make sure to take the time to enjoy your last few months at Harvard. For many of us, these are the only 4 years to be surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the world. Enjoy it all!


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Vanessa is a sophomore at Harvard studying Human Developmental and Regnerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She is originally from South Texas and is very involved with the Latinx community at Harvard as well as Harvard's Science Club for Girls. When not in a lab or working as a tour guide, Vanessa likes to spend her free time in thrift stores or playing Pokemon Go shamelessly.
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