Things I Learned From My Freshman Year

Things I Learned From My Freshman Year

I can’t study anywhere. I’ve tried Lamont, Widener, the Law School library, Annenberg, house dhalls, and common rooms, but at one point I just had to face the fact that I am an innately unfocused person. Now, I just study in my room so that I don't have to get my bag checked when I finally give up on studying.

New England weather is a frustrating little b*tch. Coming from Hawaii, I expected it to be cold but snow in April is unacceptable.

Life only gives you exactly what you ask for to show you that it isn’t really what you wanted. Or maybe this is just me being greedy and ungrateful.

I owe my life to the weather app. It is my most used app and the first thing I check in the morning. Sorry, but your event plug can wait until I know how many pants to put on.

There is an infinite number of pants you can layer in the winter. I’ve personally gone up to four, but i’ve got a drawer full of long underwear (or rather a pile on my floor) and this winter was a mild one.

The warmth from wearing a Canada Goose jacket is 70% psychological. This is how girls can go out in freezing temperatures wearing no pants.

College students get very creative when they run out of toilet paper on the weekend (and this does not include running to CVS to get more). Will not specify but this happened more than once this year.

It is a misconception that Harvard students don’t date. I saw a post in my class page over the summer quoting the Harvard Unofficial Guide, which stated that the only time to find a significant other is during Opening Days. This is completely false, but I was stupidly concerned and stressed out over the pressure to find my future husband. I know a handful of couples and not one of them met during orientation.

Maintaining relationships on a college campus is hard work. You meet so many people during orientation and then by the end of the year you just say “hi” to a few of them in passing. Unless you actually continue to make an effort to spend time or talk, relationships dissolve extremely fast.