Thanksgiving Dinner in 11 Gifs

Thanksgiving dinner is a day long journey, and a toilsome one at that. Let’s simplify it. Here’s Thanksgiving dinner in 11(+) gifs!


1. Waking up in the morning and realizing it’s Thanksgiving Day

2. Walking into the kitchen and realizing that everyone expects you to help in the kitchen

3. Sneaking out of the kitchen after two hours to snack on food scraps and hide from your responsibilities

4. Being found just in time to “help set the table”

5. Finally sitting down at the table after a long day of doing the bare minimum of what’s been expected of you in the kitchen

6. When the turkey is finally brought out

7. Waiting for that slow aunt to finally pass the gravy so you can dig in

8. First bite into the meal

9. Second hour and third helping into the meal

10. Sitting at the table after everything has been cleared

11. Literally 5 minutes later

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all