Thanksgiving on Campus

While everybody reels in excitement about going home to visit friends, family, and a softer bed (maybe), there are those of us who remain on campus. Though it can be lonely since campus is so empty and many friends may be gone, there are ways to enjoy yourself and spend time with others!

  •   Make plans with friends who are staying or who live nearby to join them for dinner. Ask nicely, or casually drop hints that you’re staying on campus with no plans.

  •   If you don’t have any friends nearby, do some snooping. Find out which friends are staying and

    have plans, and ask if you can join (or drop hints again that you have no plans). This is a real friendship test.

 Go on a walk. Realize and appreciate the beauty and tranquility around you, which can be hard to remember when constantly caught in the frenzy of college. You know how everyone talk about how beautiful it is by the river? Go for a walk alongside it! (Bonus points: walk with someone else to avoid potentially getting deep into your thoughts and considering how lonely you are.)

  •   Find student groups, cultural groups, or involved alumni who are hosting events or dinner for

    students staying on campus for break. If you haven’t got any emails, ask friends in different

    cultural organizations.

  •   Go to Adams House for Thanksgiving! Even if you cannot find anyone else to go with, who could

    be but nice to a stranger on such a holiday that provokes kindness and gratitude.

  •   Catch up on TV shows you’ve heard your friends rave about and reading you haven’t been motivated enough to do!

  •   Clean your space so that when assignments and finals come with a vengeance, you’re at least spatially organized and, therefore, prepared.