Surviving Back to School Heat

It’s a furnace outside again. It’s nature’s little reminder for you to savor the last moments of summer... but nature might be doing too much. Though we appreciate warm weather and sun, there’s a point where we just melt. And this especially includes the poor folks in houses and dorms without air conditioning. Here’s how to help yourself.

1. Dress for the heat and dress for all the levels of AC. Okay collegiates, there’s a big difference between the walk to class in this heat and the class itself. Wear what you’re comfortable with, but bring a layer for indoors. For example, if you wear a spaghetti strap, backless romper, bring a cardigan.


2. Always have water! Never be anywhere without *READ CLOSELY* filled water bottle. No excuses. You have infinitely many chances for free water bottles on campus, and there are fountains everywhere. Not only does water help you not pass out in the heat, but it’ll help you focus more in class and maybe even help your skin glow.


3. Protect your eyes. You should be sporting sunglasses anyways because it’s best to be equipped with ample shade in case you see your worst enemy. Besides their stylish, mysterious flare, you need to keep a pair with you at all times to block the sun from burning your eyes! And, if you’re into preserving your youthful skin, they help you squint less (read: less wrinkles).

4. Think about the bags you carry. Maybe you’re attached to your backpack, but doesn’t it make your back covered in sweat? You can always one-strap it and hurt your back, but let’s not. Messenger bags are a great alternative, although less popular. They help you not soak the back of your shirt, and some argue they’re more stylish. Maybe you already carry a tote, but that’s like one-strapping a backpack: hurting your back. Think about all a messenger bag could do for you.


5. Do your feet right. It’s especially easy to hurt your feet – like with blisters – if you wear the wrong shoes in this weather. Don’t wear super thick socks so you can avoid blisters and super sweaty feet. While you may be tempted to wear open sandals to avoid so much foot sweat, but think about how much they support your feet. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to only have a few short walks to class, you have a lot more options.